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A large, heavy-set, powerful dog of a breed developed from the bulldog and the mastiff.
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February 4 Bullmastiff Societies of Scotland limited show in Hereford Community Centre.
87 Bullmastiff Packs up to 130lbs of muscle and drools.
In fact, my first real experience with death, up close and personal, was the death of my beloved bullmastiff I had raised from a pup.
The bullmastiff, named Major, plunged down the steep bank during an evening walk in Butchers Lane, Cradley Heath, at 7.
JF: Stella, my Bullmastiff, is 150-pounds of pure stress relief.
Three were pitbulls, which ran towards her and began attacking her dog, a bullmastiff.
In my law practice, the ones I have seen the most in 25 years are pit bull, Akita, Chow Chow and Bullmastiff.
Maggie, a one-year-old bullmastiff, was rushed to Cardiff PDSA Pet Hospital because she was retching and in distress.
With our dogs [and not just cutesy toy dogs, they also have a Great Dane, Bullmastiff, Boxane, Bull Terriers] they learned the value of compassion, tolerance, and respect.
Be sure that your dog is in correct weight for his body frame, not just his size: A Bullmastiff and a Ridgeback are about the same height, but they should have very different silhouettes.
Resultados del hemograma de una perra Bullmastiff, nulipara, de 4.
A toddler had to have emergency surgery after a bullmastiff left him with horrific facial injuries.