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n. pl. bul·lae (bo͝ol′ē)
1. A round seal affixed to a papal bull.
2. Medicine A large blister or vesicle.

[Medieval Latin, from Latin, bubble, seal.]

bul′lous adj.




(ˈbʌl əs)

adj. Pathol.
pertaining to, similar to, or characterized by bullae.


adj (emphysema) bulloso; (pemphigoid) ampolloso
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The poster, entitled "A Pilot Phase 2a Study of the Safety and Efficacy of Bertilimumab, an Anti-Eotaxin-1 Antibody, in Bullous Pemphigoid," detailing interim results from the company's ongoing phase 2a trial, will be available for viewing during the poster sessions.
Bertilimumab is currently in phase 2 clinical trials for bullous pemphigoid (BP) and ulcerative colitis (UC).
These include Sweet syndrome, pyoderma gangrenosum, bullous SLE, amicrobial pustulosis of the folds, and palisaded neutrophilic granulomatous dermatitis.
Dermatologists from North America, Australia, and Europe cover adverse reactions to biologics in psoriasis, clinical trial and registry data on adverse reactions and psoriasis, the immunosuppressive effects of these medications when used to treat psoriasis, the immunogenicity of biologic therapies, paradoxical reactions to biologics, autoimmune bullous diseases, primary cutaneous lymphomas, melanoma, and skin manifestations of targeted antineoplastic therapy.
3] Usually, the manifestation of allergic to pure henna was erythema and slight edema; bullous was also reported in one case.
Bullous impetigo is the result of a staphylococcal infection, which produces an epidermolytic toxin leading to bulla formation.
This descriptive retrospective study included medical records of 87 patients with bullous lesions during years 2003-2013 which were archived in the pathology unit of the hospital, were reviewed and evaluated.
The company's lead product candidate, bertilimumab, is in Phase II clinical development for moderate-to-severe ulcerative colitis as well as for bullous pemphigoid, an orphan autoimmune dermatological condition.
In this descriptive study 7 cases of bullous disorders was seen, out of which 4 cases (2%) had Bullous Pemphigoid, 3 cases (1.
present a case of bullous type central serous chorioretinopathy (CSCR), which can often be confused with the ocular symptoms of acute Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease.
Linear IgA bullous dermatosis (LABD) is an autoimmune skin disorder in which blisters form as a result of a split between the epidermis and dermis.
Potential use of riboflavin/UVA crosslinking in bullous keratopathy.