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n., pl. -eyes.
1. the circular spot, usu. black, at the center of a target.
2. a shot that hits this.
a. the center of a military target in a bombing raid.
b. a missile that strikes the center of a target.
c. an instance of aiming and firing a missile that results in its hitting the center of a target.
4. any statement or act that is precisely to the point or achieves a desired result directly.
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Sharpshooter targets are constructed of corrugated plastic and are available in animal silhouettes and traditional bulls-eye or sight-in versions.
The big retailers and wholesalers have a big bulls-eye on their back," says Harlon Pearce, the board's chairman.
I'm not going to lie, it is scary -- even standing up here, I feel like I have a bulls-eye on my head,'' she said.
rolls out four new Bulls-Eye Barbecue Sauce flavors in time for the conquerors of the coals, barons of the burners and the sultans of smoke.
Brenda German, chief, Passenger Programs Branch, received her first requirement to evacuate over 2,500 Sailors and Marines from Naval Air Station Pensacola when the storm's bulls-eye aimed at Florida.
A total of pounds 30,000 had been set aside from the police budget to cover Bulls-eye costs.
Bulls-eye compliments, on the other hand, address who someone really is and/ or what they have accomplished.
That's how astronomers believe the Cartwheel, a striking, ring-shaped galaxy complete with spokes and a brilliant, bulls-eye core, got its shape (SN: 4/18/92, p.
Chapters 5 and 6 do seem to be representative of most residential treatment programs that I have worked in, and it is felt the author hits the bulls-eye with his typing of discourse utilized by staff and residents.
These buildings with their peaked roofs, situated along the banks of a river and framed by a mountain range, are illuminated by a bulls-eye patch of radiance between the mountain slopes, which casts a harmonious light that seemingly unites the natural and the man-made.
iPhone App from Ahlquist Software and Bulls-eye Studios Immediately Alerts Users with New Email and Social Networking Notifications