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I guess the LP I never get tired of playing is Bullshot by Link Wray.
Bullshot Crummond, Ron House, Diz White; dir: Candice IngoId.
He makes his Bullshot with jerky-infused vodka and garnishes it appropriately with a stick of jerky.
The Health Committee is also likely to discuss ways to combat smoking related illnesses as well as the "legal high" Bullshot, a nasally administered energy powder, which Health Minister Mohammad Khalifeh was forced to denounce last week following campaigns by consumer's rights organizations.
2 The Gossip, Live in Liverpool (Sony BMG) Beth Ditto is a bullshot.
NEWHALL - Before Inspector Clouseau, there was English aristocrat turned detective Bullshot Crummond.
AaHe also called on relevant authorities to investigate the usage, stocking and advertising of Bullshot, a powdered energy supplement designed to be taken in a similar manner to cocaine and marketed as a "legal high.
When two villains steal a formula for synthetic diamonds in an attempt to destroy the international diamond market, Bullshot Crummond tries to stop them.
Marian Theatre: Bullshot Crummond, Ron House, Diz White, Alan Shearman, John Neville-Andrews and Derek Cunningham; dir: Jay Louden.