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a. a ruffian or tough, esp a hired one
b. (as modifier): bullyboy tactics.


(ˈbʊl iˌbɔɪ)

a ruffian or hired hoodlum.
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Noun1.bullyboy - a swaggering tough; usually one acting as an agent of a political faction
bully, hooligan, roughneck, rowdy, ruffian, yob, yobbo, yobo, tough - a cruel and brutal fellow
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She said: "The very name conjures up aggressive bullyboy tactics and arrogance.
THEY let loose their bullyboy tactics on films, artistes, north Indian taxi drivers, vendors and jobseekers in Mumbai.
The leading bullyboy in this part of the world is North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un.
On the surface, it almost looks like the stuff that took place during our kindergarten days: the stronger flexing the muscles against the weaker in a clear attempt of deliberate provocation, in order to derive some pleasure, which, in retrospect, we love to classify as the bullyboy tactics of our childhood contemporaries.
Rather than pandering to the bullyboy minority, authorities should step in and bulldoze the huge East Belfast bonfire which fire chiefs say threatens to raze more than 50 houses.
The point is that Tehran has met its various obligations and it is the self-appointed bullyboy members of the Security Council that have a lot of work to do.
Meanwhile, Ross is in serious danger when bullyboy Charlie rolls up at Debbie and Pete's engagement party and demands his money back.
PAYDAY lenders are still using bullyboy tactics - despite a clampdown.
Here's what we do know about Gullu Butt based on weeks of exhaustive news analyses that have appeared on TV: Gullu Butt is often deployed for bullyboy tactics.
Ian does his best to convince Sharon that marrying the Mitchell bullyboy would be a gigantic mistake.
China and North Korea's bullyboy ways are helping break the first barrier.
Our self-appointed ambassador to North Korea, meanwhile, flaky Dennis Rodman, one-time rogue of the National Basketball Association, dropped in on that rogue nation to cut up with flaky bullyboy dictator Kim Jong-Un.