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also bun·ko  (bŭng′kō)Informal
n. pl. bun·cos also bun·kos
A swindle in which an unsuspecting person is cheated; a confidence game.
tr.v. bun·coed, bun·co·ing, bun·cos also bun·koed or bun·ko·ing or bun·kos
To swindle.

[Probably alteration of Spanish banca, card game, from Italian banca, bank, of Germanic origin; see bank2.]


(ˈbʊŋkəʊ) or


n, pl -cos or -kos
a swindle, esp one by confidence tricksters
vb, -cos, -coing, -coed, -kos, -koing or -koed
(tr) to swindle; cheat
[C19: perhaps from Spanish banca bank (in gambling), from Italian banca bank1]


or bun•co

(ˈbʌŋ koʊ)

n., pl. -kos or -cos, n.
1. a swindle in which a person is cheated at gambling, persuaded to buy a nonexistent or worthless object, or otherwise victimized.
2. to victimize by a bunko.
[1880–85; shortened form of bunkum; compare -o]


Past participle: buncoed
Gerund: buncoing

I bunco
you bunco
he/she/it buncos
we bunco
you bunco
they bunco
I buncoed
you buncoed
he/she/it buncoed
we buncoed
you buncoed
they buncoed
Present Continuous
I am buncoing
you are buncoing
he/she/it is buncoing
we are buncoing
you are buncoing
they are buncoing
Present Perfect
I have buncoed
you have buncoed
he/she/it has buncoed
we have buncoed
you have buncoed
they have buncoed
Past Continuous
I was buncoing
you were buncoing
he/she/it was buncoing
we were buncoing
you were buncoing
they were buncoing
Past Perfect
I had buncoed
you had buncoed
he/she/it had buncoed
we had buncoed
you had buncoed
they had buncoed
I will bunco
you will bunco
he/she/it will bunco
we will bunco
you will bunco
they will bunco
Future Perfect
I will have buncoed
you will have buncoed
he/she/it will have buncoed
we will have buncoed
you will have buncoed
they will have buncoed
Future Continuous
I will be buncoing
you will be buncoing
he/she/it will be buncoing
we will be buncoing
you will be buncoing
they will be buncoing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been buncoing
you have been buncoing
he/she/it has been buncoing
we have been buncoing
you have been buncoing
they have been buncoing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been buncoing
you will have been buncoing
he/she/it will have been buncoing
we will have been buncoing
you will have been buncoing
they will have been buncoing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been buncoing
you had been buncoing
he/she/it had been buncoing
we had been buncoing
you had been buncoing
they had been buncoing
I would bunco
you would bunco
he/she/it would bunco
we would bunco
you would bunco
they would bunco
Past Conditional
I would have buncoed
you would have buncoed
he/she/it would have buncoed
we would have buncoed
you would have buncoed
they would have buncoed
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.bunco - a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property
sting operation - a complicated confidence game planned and executed with great care (especially an operation implemented by undercover agents to apprehend criminals)
swindle, cheat, rig - the act of swindling by some fraudulent scheme; "that book is a fraud"
Verb1.bunco - deprive of by deceitbunco - deprive of by deceit; "He swindled me out of my inheritance"; "She defrauded the customers who trusted her"; "the cashier gypped me when he gave me too little change"
short, short-change - cheat someone by not returning him enough money
cheat, rip off, chisel - deprive somebody of something by deceit; "The con-man beat me out of $50"; "This salesman ripped us off!"; "we were cheated by their clever-sounding scheme"; "They chiseled me out of my money"


n pl <buncos> (US inf) (= trick)Bauernfängerei f; (= swindle)Betrug m, → Schwindel m
References in classic literature ?
Five thousand for a claim on that damned moose-pasture is bunco.
Its face is that of a tyrant, its numbers are false as those on a lottery ticket; its hands are those of a bunco steerer, who makes an appointment with you to your ruin.
Losing her leg has limited her from participating in many physical activities, but mentally she is strong and forges new relationships in her senior living community greeting new residents, volunteering for the book club and recently starting a Bunco group.
Elizabeth Peaden was at her weekly Bunco game Tuesday night and it wasn't raining on her way there.
A neighbor, Rhonda Cullens, said she knew Nancy Lanza from get-togethers she had hosted to play Bunco, a dice game.
She also keeps busy playing Russian Bank and Bunco with her friends.
fear--the same gnostics, The same bunco, the old misery--but it is
You either play Bunco or dominoes or you go eat with somebody, or if you want to, go home and just read a good book.
We haven't been offered that on television since the days of The Bunco Booth, and of David Nixon, the children's favourite magic-making wizard.
While hot-button topics usually generate the most activity, most people actually use the site to plan social activities (golf, pool parties, play dates, card games, bunco, car pools, charity events & fund-raising, etc.
Picture swimming in the sparkling pool, hosting a Bunco Party in the Member's Only Club or working out in the fitness room.