bungee cord

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bun·gee cord

An elasticized rubber cord, often fitted with hooks at the ends, used to fasten, bear weight, or absorb shock.

[From early 20th century slang bunjy, bungie, rubber eraser, of unknown origin.]

bun′gee cord`

(ˈbʌn dʒi)
an elasticized cord, typically with a hook at each end, used chiefly as a fastener. Also called bun′gee.
[1965–70; bungee rubber (of obscure orig.)]
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Noun1.bungee cord - an elasticized ropebungee cord - an elasticized rope      
rope - a strong line
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Large families carrying the banner of domestic squabbles into the public arena hunched around and sitting on every conceivable kind of package, box, crate, even three-wheeled carts, all bound with rope, string, bungee cord, a rainbow-colored snake extending from the glass door that was the gate, up one aisle down another, then around the back wall somewhere; there were no limits to it, it was as long as the number of folks waiting.
We just have to do more of what we know is right, even if at times it seems like leaping off a tall building, without a bungee cord.
TH Utility was "designed for guys," said Schaper, and its mesh and bungee cord accents were inspired by outerwear trends.
We are about to take a great leap forward in Yosemite, but with a bungee cord attached.
SAN DIEGO -- Python Products today announced the introduction of its revolutionary Python Cut-To-Fit Bungee Cord.
There's also a place to attach a light should you run in the dark, and bungee cord on the back so you can stash your spare layers.
125-in bungee cord (optional) around the perimeter.
As a bungee cord is released and the toilet shoots into the air, cameras inside the flimsy structure capture the horrifying sight of the thrill-seeker being swamped in umpteen bodily fluids.
To better absorb shock from a rocking skiff, try a bungee cord rather than the typical dock line--it wilt also somewhat decrease the chance of breakage where your pole is buried in the bottom.
In his latest stunt, he was propelled by bungee cord on to a ramp, and he then used his immense upper body strength to flip twice.
Three air freshener bottles hung from a bungee cord, the agency's report said.
The object is to get as close to the end of the inflatable track as possible before the bungee cord snaps you back to the starting point.