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Bungle away at it then, and bring it to me (turns to go).
In spite of the clearest directions, Miss Bartlett contrived to bungle her arrival.
I am so out of sorts that I bungle at an easy job like this
But you are not to order her around, Bungle, as you do us.
Women were fluttery creatures, and here mere mastery would prove a bungle.
To all appearances it was a bungle, the way the chain tangled and kept the anchor from reaching the bottom.
SO, the waste bin-and-bag bungle is being imposed on us and the boodle is beginning to be made manifest under the menace of "you have broken the God-given (council) rules, consequently you are being financially whacked, so pay up or get pinched.
Of course anyone watching the clips knows that Williams didn't bungle the story.
A MERSEYSIDE entertainer who used to be Bungle on Rainbow failed to make the cut on The Voice - but made judge Ricky Wilson's day.
IT'S one of TV's strangest comebacks the man who used to play Bungle in vintage ITV kids' show Rainbow auditions on The Voice.
Bungle loves his food so we also found this is a great way to bond with him.
Stockton Council's animal welfare officers were alerted and took the dog, which has since been named Bungle, to a vet.