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 (bŭn′sən), Robert Wilhelm 1811-1899.
German chemist who pioneered in spectrum analysis and codiscovered the elements cesium and rubidium. He introduced the Bunsen burner in 1855.


(ˈbʌnsən; German ˈbʊnzən)
(Biography) Robert Wilhelm (ˈroːbɛrt ˈvɪlhɛlm). 1811–99, German chemist who with Kirchhoff developed spectrum analysis and discovered the elements caesium and rubidium. He invented the Bunsen burner and the ice calorimeter


(ˈbʌn sən)

Robert Wilhelm, 1811–99, German chemist.
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Noun1.Bunsen - German chemist who with Kirchhoff pioneered spectrum analysis but is remembered mainly for his invention of the Bunsen burner (1811-1899)Bunsen - German chemist who with Kirchhoff pioneered spectrum analysis but is remembered mainly for his invention of the Bunsen burner (1811-1899)
2.Bunsen - a gas burner used in laboratoriesbunsen - a gas burner used in laboratories; has an air valve to regulate the mixture of gas and air
gas burner, gas jet - burner such that combustible gas issues from a nozzle to form a steady flame
مِصْباُ بِنْزِن
Bunsenův kahan
dujų degiklis
Bunsena deglis
Bunsenov horák
bunsen lâmbası

Bunsen (burner)


[ˈbʌnsn] n Bunsen burnerbecco Bunsen


(ˈbansn) : bunsen (burner) noun
a gas burner which produces a smokeless flame of great heating power. Several of the bunsens in the chemistry laboratory are out of order.
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A large curved retort was boiling furiously in the bluish flame of a Bunsen burner, and the distilled drops were condensing into a two-litre measure.
Archer and Janey, whenever they alighted at Brown's Hotel, found themselves awaited by two affectionate friends who, like themselves, cultivated ferns in Wardian cases, made macrame lace, read the memoirs of the Baroness Bunsen and had views about the occupants of the leading London pulpits.
A double line of glass-stoppered bottles was drawn up upon the wall opposite the door, and the table was littered over with Bunsen burners, test-tubes, and retorts.
Broad, low tables were scattered about, which bristled with retorts, test-tubes, and little Bunsen lamps, with their blue flickering flames.
Tom Jackson, who was stuck on the motorway, said: "There were two small explosions, that may have been tyres, then a huge one like a giant bunsen burner going off way up into the sky.
Expect quirky cocktails delivered with a dose of theatre, with chemistry sets and Bunsen burners thrown in for good measure.
And while I'm normally prepared to doff my cap to those in the know - particularly given that my last brush with anything science-related involved a Bunsen burner and a GCSE text book - quite honestly I'm not sure my own evidence tallies with this.
Worst thing you did as a pupil: I absent-mindedly turned a Bunsen burner on in the science lab then just wandered off.
ANSWERS: 1 Norfolk; 2 Binary; 3 Devon Loch; 4 India; 5 Laver; 6 Bruce Forsyth; 7 The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund; 8 Bunsen burner; 9 Dainty Doll; 10 Buxton.
He falls in with the kindly if eccentric Dr Bunsen van der Dunkel (Tomas Kastner) while a wide-eyed tomboy identified simply as The Girl (Elena Kreil) wonders why the moon man is missing.
Jane Brockless, 61, a nurse, said: "I can remember using the Bunsen burners but I had a horrible science teacher and so I hated the lessons.
So far the Bunsen Buddies has run experiments in creating soda worms and lava lamps.