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1. A gurgling or bubbling sound, as of running water.
2. A rapid, excited flow of speech.
3. A separation in the boundary layer of fluid about a moving streamlined body, such as the wing of an airplane, causing a breakdown in the smooth flow of fluid and resulting in turbulence.
intr.v. bur·bled, bur·bling, bur·bles
1. To bubble; gurgle.
2. To speak quickly and excitedly; gush.

[Middle English burblen, to bubble.]

bur′bler n.
bur′bly adj.


1. the bubbling or gurgling sound of water
2. (Poetry) the bubbling or gurgling sound of water
3. a flow of excited speech
4. making a bubbling or gurgling sound
5. talking in a quick excited manner
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Adj.1.burbling - uttered with unrestrained enthusiasm; "a novel told in burbly panting tones"
lively - full of life and energy; "a lively discussion"; "lively and attractive parents"; "a lively party"


Emitting a murmuring sound felt to resemble a laugh:
References in classic literature ?
Bugles sounded, mono-rail cars of quiet soldiers slithered burbling by.
So what we had was Dermot burbling on for about five minutes about a contentious penalty shout and coming to the conclusion that the decision could have been right but might have been wrong.
Instead, their trial galvanized the burbling Soviet-Jewry movement, leading to worldwide outrage.
1: If your BFF is a Big Fat Frog, happily burbling across the inky surface of a Southeast Florida canal, you will love the scarily audible ROWWF
Summary: Sitting behind tables arranged in a U shape, with a river burbling gently behind them, a group of young Syrian and Lebanese teens solemnly listen to one of their peers reading out what he sees as the reasons behind the Syrian conflict.
At the edge of a village with swags of roses, twisting lanes and a burbling river, this 400-year-old pub combines the best of both worlds.
Even letting loose, as she does here, there's always a sense of even more burbling beneath the music.
The picturesque patch of burbling water sits in the rural Sirhowy Valley and is set to spark a bidding frenzy.
It was burbling away on the telly in the corner while I was doing my Tax Return on the kitchen table.
The scenic burbling lava fountains of Kilauea volcano, on the Big Island of Hawaii, belie the mountain's volatile nature.
The most vividly - or garishly - drawn character is Siobhan Sharpe (Hynes), a babbling and burbling public relations idiot who emits as much hot air and speaks as much common sense as Boris Johnson on one of his particularly stupid and nonsensical days.
When basses James Birchall and Andrew Kidd had a chance to shine, in the duet The Lord is a Man of War, the music accompanying the aggressively martial text was laughably inappropriate, a gentle pastoral with burbling oboe and clarinet.