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1. Weighing much or hard to carry; heavy.
2. Causing hardship or distress.

bur′den·some·ly adv.
bur′den·some·ness n.
Synonyms: burdensome, onerous, oppressive, weighty
These adjectives apply to what causes one to feel weighed down, as with duties, difficulties, or hardships: the burdensome task of preparing a tax return; the onerous chores involved in maintaining a large house; oppressive policies that restricted citizens' freedom; the weighty concerns that troubled the jurors.
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Noun1.burdensomeness - unwelcome burdensome difficulty
difficultness, difficulty - the quality of being difficult; "they agreed about the difficulty of the climb"
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Mandracchia hypothesized that, if the interpersonal theory of suicide is valid in a prison population, then prisoners who score high on measures of thwarted belongingness and perceived burdensomeness should have the highest levels of suicidal ideation.
Third, this body of federal law lacks directions on how courts do--and ought to--measure effective vindication, adequacy, accessibility, and burdensomeness.
and its burdensomeness poses problems in a relatively thin band of complex and 'big' cases.
Researchers discovered that those who use self-defeating humour are at more of a risk for suicidal thinking when experiencing common stresses, such as feelings of 'thwarted belongingness' or 'perceived burdensomeness.
The defense of it faces objections familiar to human rights theory such as undue burdensomeness, unclaimability, and infeasibility, as well as some less familiar objections such as illiberality, intolerability, and ideals of the family.
Thus, screening for social disconnectedness merits further investigation as assessment of loneliness and burdensomeness may allow for early identification of patients at risk for depression and recurrent suicide ideation and behavior, and indicate a target for intervention.
Alcohol-related problems and risk of suicide among college students: The mediating roles of belongingness and burdensomeness.
posits that a potentially fatal suicide attempt requires: (1) a sense of burdensomeness, (2) a sense of loneliness and isolation; and (3) a sense of fearlessness about lethal self-harm.
59) In fact, one court suggests that "[i]t would be difficult to dispute the notion that the very act of making such boilerplate objections is prima facie evidence of a Rule 26(g) violation, because if the lawyer had paused, made a reasonable inquiry, and discovered facts that demonstrated the burdensomeness or excessive cost of the discovery request, he or she should have disclosed them in the objection.
Though aimed at measuring the constructs of belongingness and burdensomeness, Joiner et al.
17) Joiner emphasizes three factors as contributing to suicidal potential: (1) failed belongingness, (2) perceived burdensomeness, and (3) habituation to self-injury.
Clearly, given the perceived burdensomeness of HEALTHpact's requirements, it should not be surprising that employers tended to opt for less onerous products, all else being equal, absent even greater discounts provided by a subsidy.