(bər-jē′, bûr′jē)
A small distinguishing flag displayed by a yacht.

[Perhaps from French dialectal bourgeais, shipowner, from Old French burgeis, citizen, from bourg, bourg; see bourg.]


(Nautical Terms) nautical a triangular or swallow-tailed flag flown from the mast of a merchant ship for identification and from the mast of a yacht to indicate its owner's membership of a particular yacht club
[C18: perhaps from French (Jersey dialect) bourgeais shipowner, from Old French borgeis; see bourgeois1, burgess]


(ˈbɜr dʒi, bɜrˈdʒi)

a small nautical flag or pennant, used for identification or as a signal.
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A shiny black steam-yacht, with mahogany deck-house, nickel-plated binnacles, and pink-and-white-striped awnings, puffed up the harbour, flying the burgee of some New York club.
The unit, which has been running since 1942, has received a Burgee Award which is given to the top performing Sea Cadet squads in the UK.
Although you notice the smell by the fireplace, the musty odor probably originates in the space under the room, said Matthew Hargrove, president of Total Home Performance in Easton, Maryland, and Michelle Burgee, chief executive of Complete Home Solutions in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.
Designed by famed architects Philip Johnson and John Burgee, the IDS Center opened in 1972.
The youth team praised the race management and DSC committee for their fantastic efforts on their opening event, and presented a CYCA Burgee to the DSC Commodore as the first CYCA Youth Sailing Academy team to compete in Darwin.
eWOM communication is thought to provide more authentic and unbiased information because of its anonymous nature (Steffes & Burgee, 2009).
Catastrophe duty can be the most rewarding time for adjusters," explains George Burgee, CPCU, AIC, quality assurance manager and executive general adjuster and catastrophe manager for Johns Eastern Company, Inc.
Likewise, included in the sale will be a nautical masterpiece by the German painter Theodore Weber depicting a ship bearing the burgee of the New York Yacht Club on its middle mast.
We have had the burgee, the club's flag, at half-mast.
Other researchers (Steffes & Burgee, 2009) have shown that people who are connected through SNS have homophile relations, different tie strengths and similar decision-making patterns.
First tendency is named as modernity, promoted, radical or future, second is liberal, democratic or burgee and the third is conservative, separation, past insight between them, first tendency is as similar as nationalism which was formed in Europe from historical point of view.
Perhaps not surprisingly, John Burgee and Philip Johnson, the latter one of the Seagram's architects, designed the original building, which previously housed the Takashimaya department store.