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1. A knot, lump, or slub in yarn or cloth.
a. A large rounded outgrowth on the trunk or branch of a tree.
b. The wood cut from such an outgrowth, often used decoratively as a veneer.
tr.v. burled, burl·ing, burls
To dress or finish (cloth) by removing knots, lumps, slubs, or loose threads.

[Middle English burle, from Old French bourle, tuft of wool, diminutive of bourre, coarse wool, from Late Latin burra, shaggy garment.]

burl′er n.
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Buriller 1252, Hurler 1256, bureler 1305, 1310, burler 1332, 1337, 1371, Burlere 1369 (bureler 'a maker or seller of burel; one who dresses cloth by removing buries, i.
Elizabeth, a retired burler and mender, said: "I still remember that first meeting.
Rulli worked as a cutter at Bates Shoe Company in Webster and then as a burler at Packard Mills in Dudley before retiring.