burn away

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w>burn away

(= go on burning)vor sich hin brennen
(wick, candle, oil)herunterbrennen; (part of roof etc)abbrennen
vt sepabbrennen; (Med) → wegbrennen
References in classic literature ?
As silent rivers into silent lakes, Through hush of reeds that not a murmur breaks, Wind, mindful of the poppies whence they came, So may my life, and calmly burn away, As ceases in a lamp at break of day The flagrant remnant of memorial flame.
Even that frightened him, sturdy as he was; but he held the weapon till it broke, and then piled it on the coals to burn away, and smoulder into ashes.
I'll do more sport, every day, in the hope that this fat will burn away.
Any early cloud today will quickly burn away through the morning, bringing another fine and generally sunny day.
New evidence suggests the erectile-dysfunction drug Viagra might have another use: helping burn away excess fat.
I can't see any justification for the rise in council tax when they seem to have money to burn away.
He said that the blaze from the tanker burned out before midnight, but then crews reignited it to allow vapors caught in the tank to also burn away.
A wire with a basket-like structure at the end is fed down the tube and heated up, producing radio waves to burn away tissue in blocked airways.
Ammonia in the urine-soaked litter causes ulcerated feet and hock burns and can burn away their breast feathers.
The US-based group said that its researchers observed the use of the chemical, which can burn away human flesh to the bone, over Gaza City and Jabaliya on Friday and Saturday.
Ammonia in the wet, urine and excreta soaked litter in which they are forced to live in causes ulcerated feet and hock burns and can literally burn away their breast feathers.
While nothing can reverse the loss, it's clear that even the inferno can't burn away our humanity.