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tr.v. bur·nished, bur·nish·ing, bur·nish·es
1. To make smooth or glossy by rubbing; polish.
2. To rub with a tool that serves especially to smooth or polish.
3. To improve or make more impressive: achievements that burnished her reputation.
A smooth glossy finish or appearance; luster.

[Middle English burnishen, from Old French burnir, burniss-, variant of brunir, from brun, shining, of Germanic origin; see bher- in Indo-European roots.]

bur′nish·er n.
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Use burnisher, NSN 5120-00-2554458, to clean the contacts.
Each location has a vacuum onsite and a burnisher as well.
It contains 20 gravers, burnisher and one eye glass.
Amongst the toolkit stones, Thurnham (1870: 425f) previously had noticed the presence of gold traces on a small slate burnisher (Cunnington 1806: plate III 2; DM 1406; FIGURE 1), raising the possibility that the tools may have been used in the manufacture of some of the well-known Wessex Early Bronze Age (EBA) goldwork.
A small propane burnisher, costing $2,000 to $3,000, used in a 25,000 square-foot facility will burnish floors to a high gloss in one hour.
Use a burnisher or a smooth rounded tool on the metal foil to make impressions.
Begin by forming a burnisher bag to use for pressing your paper to the block when printing.
200 YEARS AGO: Deserted from a party of the British Fencible Legion, recruiting at Tamworth, Thomas Ball, about 22-years -oge, five feet, four inches high, fair complexion, grey eyes, dark hair, by trade a Button Burnisher, born at Aston, near Birmingham .
Guhring, manufacturer of a complete line of standard and special twist drills, reamers, countersinks, and other HSS and carbide precision holemaking cutting tools, developed a solid carbide (C2 grade) TiN coated drill burnisher that, according to Mr Pilolla, is so stiff that it can hold tolerances without the need for bushings.
A roller burnisher can finish linear as well as nonlinear OD surfaces containing contours, fillets, radii, or grooves.
5 ml / syringe, Disposable tips AND Radio-opaque),Dycal (catalyst & base),Cavit (Premixed temporary material),Tubliseal Sealer ,Spirit lamp,Ball burnisher,GP Plugger/ Hand plugger,Excavator,Stone plaster (Green) (Pack of three kg)