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Noun1.bus driver - someone who drives a busbus driver - someone who drives a bus    
driver - the operator of a motor vehicle
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The bus driver, now my best friend in the state of Arizona, carried my bag inside and up to the front desk.
Bus driver (to Rosa and the other three): Let me have those front seats.
We kept calm and helped out our bus driver as much as we could.
Bus driver Vicky Wilson, who was hired by the district on the same day as Clayton 16 years ago, called her friend and boss "a people person.
Bus driver Omar Razvi, 42, even read a paper at the wheel as drivers pleaded with him and Ewan Langley.
According to local police, the school bus was on its way to a private school, which is 20 km far away, when the 72-year-old bus driver overlooked a truck at a crossing.
Simon, 29, a bus driver and relief duty manager at Stagecoach North East's Hartlepool depot, has won the regional bus driver of the year accolade, and was joined by colleagues James, 35, a bus driver at the Walkergate bus depot in Newcastle in second place, and 65-year old Bob Miller, a bus driver at the Teesside depot in Stockton, in third place.
The bus driver suddenly swerved towards the right almost ramming into the car.
RECENTLY I met up with an old friend who is now working as a Cardiff bus driver.
At the end of the day, whatever Palestinian woman agrees to be recruited as a bus driver, the way is paved for her to get a job right away," he said.
The event, organised by bus driver David Russell at the Leamington depot, brought many a smile from their customers during the day.
At the UK s Bus Driver of the Year competition, a high profile event held in Blackpool at the weekend (13 & 14 September), around 120 drivers from across the UK, who had each won local competitions to claim their place at the finals, battled it out to claim the coveted title of Bus Driver of the Year .