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Noun1.bus fare - the fare charged for riding a bus or streetcar
fare, transportation - the sum charged for riding in a public conveyance
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The government had on February 14 raised the minimum bus fare from Rs.
Stalin led the protest here and termed the bus fare hike as a"merciless act"of the government affecting the common man.
The bus fare has been set at Rs10, Rs20 and Rs30 depending on the distance a passenger.
Replying to another question about giving bus fare by Rangers officials to protestors for returning homes, Safdar said we had given Rs 5,000 to protestors for bus fare but they had given Rs 1000.
The water bus fare at Dubai Marina can now be paid by the nol card.
I'm meant to see drug workers every few months but that's in Ayr and I can't afford the bus fare.
1) Woman killed and another person badly hurt in Berry Brow crash Fire crews and paramedics fight to help victims 2) Huddersfield bus gates go live: Taxi firms banned from town centre routes and drivers ignore signs Passenger missed train due to traffic chaos watch our timelapse video of the new gates in action 3) Have you been approached by beggar asking for PS1 for bus fare to Leeds?
One commuter Sharon Swinnerton, who works at the Garden House pub in Edgbaston, said: "Yet another bus fare rise for an inadequate service where the buses are always late.
There was bad news for the region's commuters, as we announced "TyneT -side bus fare shock in pipeline".
Yes, we hear news of bus fare increases and new investment in bus fleets yet the underlying trend is for a poorer service as profits soar in the private sector.
Bus fare It also said that the probable bus fare may vary between OMR15 and OMR35 depending on the distance.
As this developed, Cuizon said the bus operators in Cebu have not officially submitted their petition to reinstate a fare increase that was approved in 2011, which raised the minimum bus fare to P8.