bus traffic

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Noun1.bus traffic - buses coming and goingbus traffic - buses coming and going    
vehicle traffic, vehicular traffic - the aggregation of vehicles coming and going in a particular locality
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Contract notice: Competitive awarding of a public service contract (dla) on public transport services in the bus traffic in the enzkreis and the districts of karlsruhe and heilbronn in accordance with article 5 (3) of the regulation (ec) 1370/2007.
Instead of the Bani Yas Bridge, they can opt for alternative routes that have been designated in Abu Dhabi-Al Ain highway at Al Mafraq to better serve the vehicular and bus traffic to and from the Workers City.
Plus there are a few different traffic pattern changes out there to get accustomed to, not just bus traffic but pedestrian traffic.
The company said this is its biggest single order so far for the Volvo 7900 Electric and marks one of the biggest drives for all-electric bus traffic in Sweden.
5-ton Isuzu commercial vehicle struck the underside of the busy bridge, which takes bus traffic in and out of the city centre, at 10.
The council proposals also include a new hub for buses to park and layover in, which the council hopes will reduce bus traffic in the city centre.
Kelly Reichheld, General Manager of Community Services, explained that discussions had been held with the outfitters regarding bus traffic in downtown Paris, but that decisions regarding bus routes were the responsibility of the individual outfitters.
BUENOS AIRES, Jumada II 10, 1435, Apr 10, 2014, SPA -- A nationwide strike paralyzed Argentina's economy on Thursday, shutting down air, train and bus traffic, closing businesses and ports and emptying classrooms.
Over 90% of bus traffic was carried out by entrepreneurs.
Iteris is responsible for the design, procurement, deployment, and on-going operation and maintenance of a multi-jurisdiction bus traffic signal priority system at 83 signalized intersections.
He added: "A second station needs to be established near Heuston Station to take all intercity bus traffic coming in from the West and South West.
Therefore, the user can fully exploit the unrivalled speed of the flow meters (response time is 30 ms only) without excessive digital bus traffic.