bush jacket

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bush jacket

A long, cotton shirtlike jacket usually with four flat pockets and a belt.

bush jacket


bush shirt

(Clothing & Fashion) a casual jacket or shirt having four patch pockets and a belt

bush′ jack`et

a belted shirtlike jacket, usu. with four patch pockets and a notched collar, adapted from a coat worn in the African bush. Also called safari jacket.
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Noun1.bush jacket - a loose fitting jacket; resembles a shirt with four patch pockets and a belt
jacket - a short coat
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Inside the apartment, Claude shifted from Amba to Tatang Milio and introduced me to an elderly gentleman in a linen bush jacket who motioned us to sit around a turn-of-the-century marble-top table where hot chocolate and ensaimada were laid out.
And unlike many such guides, being in A6 format it is not only a handy size to fit in the pocket of a bush jacket, it is also constructed of high-quality laminated pages which are spiral bound to facilitate years of practical use.
All who knew him will remember his trademark bush jacket and Mississippi Gambler hat.
I could have gone broke right there, but I came away with a traditional shooting bag (my wife, Donna, thinks it's a purse), a nontraditional hut extremely functional daypack and perhaps the coolest bush jacket I've ever seen.
Your relationship planet Venus takes off her bush jacket and gets into something a little tweedier as she starts to move in on your working life.
He carried an FN-FAL, and his bush jacket was military kit with spare magazines and grenades.
Certain that this trip would never make it to the Outdoor Life Channel, I left my bush jacket, snazzy khaki shorts, custom rifle, and fedora at home.
Wearing the bush jacket, safari hat and thick mustache of our 26th president, Lake Washington High School history teacher Don Harney brings the feel of the campaign trail to classrooms in his district, the Seattle Times reports.