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The international business cycle exhibits two prominent features.
QQ: How would you characterise your feelings about investment in terms of the business cycle at the moment?
Another question to add to this problem will be to see if the business cycle phase has any impact on the behavioral biases and the pricing of M&A transaction.
Whether changes in taxes have the same effect on output as equal magnitude, but opposite signed, changes in spending, and whether the relative effects of tax and spending vary over the business cycle, are both open questions.
After offering a theoretical discussion of money, banking, and inflation, Simpson describes the Austrian Business Cycle Theory (ABCT) (vol.
Business Cycle Economics: Understanding Recessions and Depressions From Boom to Bust
Hence, studying the business cycle might not be the top priority in macroeconomics.
1 In addition, the changing phases of the business cycle typically coincide with shifts in potential equity sector earnings.
Most analyses focus on a specific definition of the business cycle.
WASHINGTON -- As a tool for analyzing and influencing the economy, is the business cycle outdated?
The chemical industry said it has been found to consistently lead the US economy's business cycle given its early position in the supply chain, and this barometer can be used to determine turning points and likely trends in the wider economy.
There is often a key--but frequently overlooked--factor in determining whether a potential peer company is really an apt point of reference: its alignment with the subject company's business cycle.