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A man who drives a bus.


n, pl -men
someone who works on buses, particularly as a driver or conductor


(ˈbʌs mən)

n., pl. -men.
a person who operates a bus.
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Noun1.busman - someone who drives a busbusman - someone who drives a bus    
driver - the operator of a motor vehicle


[ˈbʌsmən] N (busmen (pl)) → conductor m/cobrador m de autobús
busman's holiday (fig) ocupación del ocio parecida a la del trabajo diario
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Bob Busman, regional business coordinator Middle East at Radisson Blu, and one of the main organisers behind Box Appeal, said: "The concept is very simple, which is why people are so open to it.
Busman makes her gritty characters' experiences specific yet universal, to expose the difficulties of lower-class women.
The screen was so effective that a busman karate expert who tested it broke his fingers.
Frances Payne Adler, Debra Busman, and Diana Garcia.
Paul will be contracted to work on our growing pipeline of products in our new lab in Kansas City, Kansas," explains Sander Busman, president and chief executive officer of Vision Pharma, based here.
But the millionaire busman said he reserved the right to appeal against the conditions.
Busman Eric Maitland said the classes helped him lose a lot of weight.
Dad had become a busman years earlier, so I thought I would try my hand at bus driving.
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