busman's holiday

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bus·man's holiday

n. Informal
A vacation during which one engages in activity that is similar to one's usual work.

busman's holiday

informal a holiday spent doing the same sort of thing as one does at work
[C20: alluding to a bus driver having a driving holiday]

bus′man's hol′iday

a vacation or day off from work spent in an activity closely resembling one's work.

busman's holiday

A vacation spent doing what you do for a living; from the idea of a bus driver spending vacation time driving around.
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Noun1.busman's holiday - a holiday where you do the same things you do at work
vacationing - the act of taking a vacation
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Shortly after I'd landed back in the country after a busman's holiday in Doha on the Keys and Gray show, I got a text saying the Toon defender had got off his ban.
Roberto MARTINEZ was back at Finch Farm this week after his busman's holiday to Brazil.
BORO winger Emmanuel Ledesma is planning a busman's holiday as he returns home to Argentina for the summer - to watch the World Cup.
Bit of a busman's holiday, but I'd call in at our farm shop on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds for a Yorkshire afternoon tea.
Others opted for a busman's holiday, staying on farms that have diversified into touristbased activities.
AFITNESS studio owner has helped raise hundreds of pounds on a busman's holiday in Burma.
As an actress, it always feels like a busman's holiday to me.
It will be a busman's holiday, but Sydney has one of the best zoos in the world.
Take That is a break, it's a busman's holiday, it's so easy.
DOLORES RUTH may be in Australia on a busman's holiday but her dogs continue to produce top class performances and Razldazl Will was marginally the fastest qualifier in the semifinals of the Tyrur McGuigan Open 575 at Shelbourne on Saturday night.
I'd declared it a newspaper, iPad and internet news-free zone for fear of turning it into a busman's holiday.
But Agustien made sure he made it a busman's holiday this summer in a bid to show his worth to new boss Michael Laudrup, revealing how he spent all the close season playing 'Street Soccer' in his native Netherlands.