busman's holiday

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bus·man's holiday

n. Informal
A vacation during which one engages in activity that is similar to one's usual work.

busman's holiday

informal a holiday spent doing the same sort of thing as one does at work
[C20: alluding to a bus driver having a driving holiday]

bus′man's hol′iday

a vacation or day off from work spent in an activity closely resembling one's work.

busman's holiday

A vacation spent doing what you do for a living; from the idea of a bus driver spending vacation time driving around.
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Noun1.busman's holiday - a holiday where you do the same things you do at work
vacationing - the act of taking a vacation
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Generally I'm just not interested in a lot of TV because watching it is like a busman's holiday.
TAKING the ultimate busman's holiday at the show was plant operator Paul Smith from Denbigh.
In the steel shop the men took a busman's holiday, casting tools for their own use at the trade, or hammer-heads, bakestones, door-knockers, which they carried out under their coats when the day was over.
As a man with decades of experience in engineering, this role is no busman's holiday for the pragmatic, down-to-earth ex-serviceman, but rather the next challenge in his career and an opportunity to put something back into the society.
Tuesday will present a virtual busman's holiday and travel to Scotland, England and Ireland.
Shortly after I'd landed back in the country after a busman's holiday in Doha on the Keys and Gray show, I got a text saying the Toon defender had got off his ban.
Roberto MARTINEZ was back at Finch Farm this week after his busman's holiday to Brazil.
BORO winger Emmanuel Ledesma is planning a busman's holiday as he returns home to Argentina for the summer - to watch the World Cup.
Bit of a busman's holiday, but I'd call in at our farm shop on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds for a Yorkshire afternoon tea.
As an actress, it always feels like a busman's holiday to me.
COAST BBC2, 8pm Picture the scene: it's a Bank Holiday weekend in the Crane household, and Nick's face falls as his family suggests yet another trip to the seaside - after all, it would be a bit of a busman's holiday for the Coast host, who has been touring the British shoreline and extolling its virtues for some eight years now.
I'd declared it a newspaper, iPad and internet news-free zone for fear of turning it into a busman's holiday.