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A man who drives a bus.


n, pl -men
someone who works on buses, particularly as a driver or conductor


(ˈbʌs mən)

n., pl. -men.
a person who operates a bus.
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Noun1.busman - someone who drives a busbusman - someone who drives a bus    
driver - the operator of a motor vehicle


[ˈbʌsmən] N (busmen (pl)) → conductor m/cobrador m de autobús
busman's holiday (fig) ocupación del ocio parecida a la del trabajo diario
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EVENTS 1969: Sikh busmen in wolverhampton have won the right to wear turbans on duty after a long-running campaign.
And some of the 12 busmen, bottom right, in Corby, Northants, who shared a EuroMillions PS38million win last year have had feuds.
The busmen, members of the Transport & General Workers' Union, voted heavily in favour of action after rejecting a 28p an hour extra pay offer.
25 years ago STRIKING busmen brought turmoil and torment to Teesside commuters.
Today we feature a fleet of Gateshead buses parked while busmen attended a meeting to vote on axing latenight weekend services on Tyneside following a spate of violent attacks on drivers, but in what year?
BUSMEN in part of West Yorkshire have voted to strike.
Back in the 1940s and 50s, a study of London busmen discovered that conductors, bustling up and down the stairs on doubledeckers, enjoyed far fewer heart attacks than their colleagues seated at the wheel all day.
From the minute we got off the plane to busmen giving assistance; people smiling and being very friendly to the great shops, a lovely coffee place, Rossa in Lord Street, to brillant transport we had a super day and I will definitely be back, and I think I have a daughter who is definitely going to be studying in Liverpool.
Tory county councillors applauded when the meeting was told that West Midlands busmen had accepted a 6 per cent pay offer.
Striking busmen in the Black Country yesterday left 125,000 passengers stranded.
CIE were so worried about their flabby busmen - they hired dance company CoisCeim to help them lose weight.
As his mum Tracey frantically searched for him, three-year-old Rhys went unchallenged by busmen and shopping centre security staff after he slipped off during a shopping trip.