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butch′er block`

a slab of wood formed by bonding or gluing together thick laminated strips of wood in alternating light and dark shades.
butch′er-block`, adj.
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Noun1.butcher block - a thick wooden slab formed by bonding together thick laminated strips of unpainted hardwood
slab - block consisting of a thick piece of something
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Those who prefer international tastes can enjoy authentic Saj and shawarma stations, Chinese live wok and live sushi and sashimi counters together with pasta corner, a butcher's block carvery and a dedicated healthy juices station.
GATESHEAD butcher's Block & Bottle has won a major industry award just over six months after opening its doors with a shop next to the High Level Bridge.
To be fair, I don't know if Munchkin was destined for wool production or the butcher's block, but for the sake of argument I postulate the latter, being the fate of thousands of lambs.
AN ABATTOIR owner is facing a court sentence after the Sunday Mirror published harrowing footage of sheep, pigs and cows destined for the butcher's block.
The chain prides itself on the quality of the meat, tracing it from source to the butcher's block.
2015 Butcher's Block Bonarda-Malbec (PS6 at M&S)
IT'S bull speed ahead to safety tomorrow as Benjy the gay bull is spared the butcher's block and makes his journey to an animal sanctuary in England.
But she's also adding some 21st century touches with exclusive deals for mobile phone application users, corporate catering and a new offer - dining experience Butcher's Block, where people can hire the shop for the evening and have a meal cooked for them.
com BLOCK PARTY [bar] Marks & Spencer has upped the ante with its beautifully designed butcher's block.
There is also a utility room and L-shaped fitted kitchen which has been extended and which has a good range of units, butcher's block roll top work surfaces and a contemporary double sink.
My favourite is an old 6ft x2ft butcher's block I got off ebay and my old Rayburn oven which I changed from green to gloss black, it's beautiful.
If we include the ugly butcher's block and steel hoop benches in Williamson Square and the uninviting cube seats around the trees in Church Street, you will get the general picture.