butler's pantry

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but·ler's pantry

A serving and storage room between a kitchen and dining room.

but′ler's pan`try

a service room between a kitchen and dining room.
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On her way past the butler's pantry she told them to set a samovar, though it was not at all the time for tea.
He might not be aware of the inroads on domestic peace to be occasioned by no housekeeper's room, or a bad butler's pantry, but no doubt he did perfectly feel that Enscombe could not make him happy, and that whenever he were attached, he would willingly give up much of wealth to be allowed an early establishment.
She knew it for the swing-door of the butler's pantry.
Nevertheless, as he lived in a spacious house in Golden Square, which, in addition to a brass plate upon the street-door, had another brass plate two sizes and a half smaller upon the left hand door-post, surrounding a brass model of an infant's fist grasping a fragment of a skewer, and displaying the word 'Office,' it was clear that Mr Ralph Nickleby did, or pretended to do, business of some kind; and the fact, if it required any further circumstantial evidence, was abundantly demonstrated by the diurnal attendance, between the hours of half- past nine and five, of a sallow-faced man in rusty brown, who sat upon an uncommonly hard stool in a species of butler's pantry at the end of the passage, and always had a pen behind his ear when he answered the bell.
Happily, however, that was not the only door, and I effected my escape by the side entrance through the butler's pantry, to the infinite amazement of Benson, who was cleaning the plate.
The kitchen, the butler's pantry, the servants' hall, the entrance hall, were equally alive; and the saloons were only left void and still when the blue sky and halcyon sunshine of the genial spring weather called their occupants out into the grounds.
I went into the kitchen, the butler's pantry, the gun-room, the billiard-room, the drawing-room, and finally the dining-room.
The fabulous dining room is home to a second mahogany fireplace, with carved pelmet and decorations as well as a secret door to the butler's pantry - this room would provide the perfect backdrop for hosting grand and fantastic dinner parties.
High Hedgefield House in Ryton dates from 1780 and still includes the original butler's pantry complete with meat hooks.
It has a billiard room for whiling away those lazy hours and a butler's pantry.
Charming, old-fashioned touches are everywhere, from the casement windows in the sunroom to the butler's pantry to the cheerful breakfast nook, just like Grandma's.