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Noun1.butt-weld - a butt joint that is welded
butt joint, butt - a joint made by fastening ends together without overlapping
Verb1.butt-weld - join by a butt weld
weld - join together by heating; "weld metal"
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The standard features include, self-draining design, steam-in-place (SIP), CIP, quick disassembly/assembly with clamps, choice of either butt-weld or Tri-Clamp ends and internal finish to 32Ra.
The tool can be used on corrosion-resistant alloy-lined pipe to identify sour (aggressive) ingress points, in both clad butt-weld and clad weld inlay applications.
Product line consists of the Top-Flo hygienic diaphragm valve, and the Top Line rotary lobe pump in addition to a complete line of fittings provided with clamp or automatic butt-weld end connections.
Figure 10 shows weld strength as a function of total butt-weld time at different weld pressure levels.
announced today that it filed a lawsuit in federal district court in Chicago to halt the unlawful importation and sale of mismarked Chinese carbon steel butt-weld pipe fittings and carbon steel flanges by Silbo Industries Inc.
New investment has included plant for the manufacture of butt-weld pipefittings and the company's product range now includes pipe flanges, pipe fittings, pipes and forgings.
Other features include hygienic, quick-strip clamps and couplings, and a choice of 'ends' such as butt-weld and Tri-Clamp.
Readily installed as a retrofit component, the units come standard in eleven sizes with a choice of clamp connection, butt-weld or sterile quick-connect electro-polished stainless steel heads.
The overall conclusion of this study is that this new heat-activated joining technology may be a feasible substitute for the currently used butt-weld joining method, effectively offering the necessary strength and ease of installation.
Pro-Fit, one of the largest master distributors of carbon steel flanges and butt-weld fittings in the US, has a highly diversified customer base with distribution centres in Georgia, New Jersey, Texas and California.