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Noun1.butt-welding - creating a butt joint by welding
welding - fastening two pieces of metal together by softening with heat and applying pressure
flash butt welding, flash welding - butt welding by creating an electric arc between the two pieces which melts and joins them; used for joining segments of metal pipe
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Abstract: The investigations from this paper are made on two models with butt-welding and corner welding joints, with surface and root cracks.
Butt-welding, Seamless Butt welding ends confirming to ANSI B 16.
Using a new butt-welding process, Craemer can now manufacture bespoke, specially-sized plastic pallets for handling or storage applications that require pallets smaller or bigger than the core 1200x1000 and 1200x800mm sizes.
The epoxy-lined project used a straight-seam process--featuring butt-welding from the pipe interior, and incorporating back-up bars.