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Noun1.butterfly collector - an entomologist who specializes in the collection and study of butterflies and mothsbutterfly collector - an entomologist who specializes in the collection and study of butterflies and moths
bug-hunter, bugologist, entomologist - a zoologist who studies insects
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During that ill-fated day, the victim went to the mountainous area to look for a rare species of butterfly "alibangbang" to be sold to a butterfly collector to cover for the medical expenses of his sick child.
Butterfly Collector by The Jam Favourite TV programme?
Last year Bruce appeared alongside The Jam frontman Paul Weller for the first time in 28 years to perform The Jam classics The Eton Rifles, The Butterfly Collector, as well as Fast Car/Slow Traffic at the second of Weller's five night residency at the Royal Albert Hall in London.
It's testament to the depth of Weller's catalogue that many would probably feel they had their money's worth if he'd left it there, but he managed two encores, including the spaced-out rock of Andromeda, the Jam at their calmest with The Butterfly Collector and their most raggedly punk in Art School, and his definitive solo track The Changing Man.
Art School, Pretty Green and Butterfly Collector buoyed the crowd once again, especially as they were sung with great passion, along with Shout To The Top and Start.
He loves him possibly a bit too much - sort of how a butterfly collector loves his specimens.
He first turned up in the region not knowing a word of Arabic and posing as a butterfly collector, ostensibly hoping his butterfly net would avoid rousing the suspicions of rival oil companies, although no one was really fooled.
He explained: "Vorgenson loves the Doctor rather like a butterfly collector would love a specimen.
Paul Weller strolls on for The Butterfly Collector and Beatles classic All You Need Is Love, and there's a cover of Smiths song There Is A light That Never Goes Out which all but steals the show.
But the crowd-pleasers saw him delve further back to The Style Council with Shout to the Top, an acoustic Butterfly Collector and a rousing Eton Rifles from his days with The Jam.
Beautiful 17-year-old Alicia seems to have been abducted, and there are all too many suspects, from her ex-boyfriend to her stepfather, her biological father, the derelict Driftwood Doug, and an absentminded butterfly collector.
His first novel "The Collector"--about a butterfly collector who imprisons a woman in his basement--was published in 1963 and became an immediate hit.