butterfly fish

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but′terfly fish`

or but′ter•fly•fish`,

any of various colored tropical fishes of the family Chaetodontidae, having deep, narrow bodies and darting movements suggestive of a butterfly.
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Noun1.butterfly fish - small usually brilliantly colored tropical marine fishes having narrow deep bodies with large broad finsbutterfly fish - small usually brilliantly colored tropical marine fishes having narrow deep bodies with large broad fins; found worldwide
percoid, percoid fish, percoidean - any of numerous spiny-finned fishes of the order Perciformes
chaetodon - any fish of the genus Chaetodon
angelfish - a butterfly fish of the genus Pomacanthus
Holocanthus tricolor, rock beauty - gold and black butterflyfish found from West Indies to Brazil
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First, engage students by having them investigate the Goliath Grouper Epinephelus uqjara, and the two fish with which it will be compared: the snook Centropomis undecimalis, and the longjaw butterfly fish Forcipiger longirostris.
Stick on a snorkel and follow butterfly fish through the shallows or swim out and spot a baby sea turtle.
Eat your way to the top of the food chain, from tiny butterfly fish to a great white shark.
Novice divers can still be wowed by the reef's four-eyed butterfly fish and brain corals by trying 'helmet diving' - a form of undersea exploration where you wade alone the ocean floor with the aid of a 'breathing helmet'.
The fresh algae and plankton is a huge draw for species such as giant Napoleon wrasse, blue surgeon fish, clown triggerfish, collared butterfly fish, groupers, moray eels and turtles.
To butterfly fish, cut down the center length of each strip almost all the way through, then open out flat.
To butterfly fish, cut down center of each strip lengthwise almost all the way through, then open out flat to make evenly thick.
Among the ``luggage'' for Butterfly (Tuesday,Friday and Saturday) are traditional Japanese trees,exquisite waterfalls, a water garden and four tankfuls of white and gold Butterfly fish.
To butterfly fish, cut each fillet in half horizontally almost all the way through; open fillets out flat.
Guests also interact with native Hawaiian fish, including angelfish, butterfly fish and tangs, in the 3,800-square-foot Rainbow Reef snorkel lagoon, the only one of its kind on Oahu.
We spotted butterfly fish drifting by like snowflakes and a gleaming school of silversides.
As you arrive, the pure white sand almost dazzles, as does the thousands of fish with exotic colours matched only by their names - blue faced angel fish, dusky parrot fish, three-striped butterfly fish and velvet surgeon fish are just a few.