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button cell (battery)

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Rayovac (NYSE:ROV), the maker of batteries with brand names: Alkaline, Lantern, Button Cell and Lithium, formed relationship with Sanyo to advance in-cell battery recharging technology in the $5 billion worldwide rechargeable market place.
The "Spidey-Signal" toy contains a button cell mercury battery similar to those commonly used in many devices across the United States, including toys, watches, remote controls and hearing aids.
The SNAPHAT package is a two-part solution comprising a 28-pin (JEDEC pin-out and footprint-compatible), 330-mil Small Outline IC (SOIC) base and a removable SNAPHAT battery/crystal top, which contains a long-life lithium button cell and, in the case of RTC devices, a high-precision quartz crystal.
The UWB RFID tag is roughly the same size of a wristwatch and can transmit continuously for up to 5 years on a single button cell battery.
Children can choose from several Nano Fighters, including Rough Rider, Supreme Sumo and Alley Fighter, each of which comes in a variety of colors and includes two button cell batteries.
The multi-button, credit card-sized device now runs on a replaceable 3 V Lithium button cell battery.
The SHAKE AWAKE alarm clock is battery operated (two AA batteries) for vibration and a button cell (included) for the quartz feature.
This exciting new brand combines the ever-expanding line of SANYO's rechargeable and alkaline battery products including a full line of round cells (AA, AAA, C, D, 9-volt), chargers, cordless phones, and lithium photo and button cell batteries, etc.
It has very thin button cell batteries and a tiny speaker embedded into a mount that goes behind the image.
4 button cell battery with an average life of approximately 160 hours.
To accomplish this the Rehabilitation Aide uses a portable Hearing Aid Maintenance Kit, which includes otoscope, disposable oto-tips, alcohol preps, hearing stethoscope, flashlight, three sizes of hearing aid batteries, button cell battery tester, heating aid cleaning tool and brush, tweezers, magnifying glass, disinfectant wipes, BTE oto-clip, ear-mold air blower and a red marking pencil.
The incidence and severity of button cell battery ingestion is on the rise and not only did we want to bring visibility to what is an invisible threat in many homes, but we made a commitment to work toward both technology and packaging solutions that can save lives," said Stacey Harbour, Energizer Director of Marketing, U.