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Noun1.button hole - a hole through which buttons are pushed
garment - an article of clothing; "garments of the finest silk"
hole - an opening deliberately made in or through something
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Ball Hill e vintage Rose |Cake Company in Nuneaton for the musical theme wedding cake Lyn & Chris Wills of |Driven in Style who provided the vintage wedding car Rosalind Johnstone |for the button hole "owers Truly Scrumptious |who organised the room decorations Jo & Dave for the |musical entertainment thoughout the day Shanara Coleman & |Dennae Blake-Osbourne for hair & make-up Nailcote Hall, |especially the owners Rick & Sue Cressman & their sta e sta at the |Coventry Telegraph T Peter Blanch"ower |from peterblanch"ower.
Outside, Charles, wearing a grey suit, white flower button hole and striped tie, spent a few minutes mingling with a crowd of 100 who had gathered to see him.
To complements his wife's bouquet of cream, pink and blue flowers, the 39-year-old presenter sported a matching button hole.
But further investigation revealed there was no corresponding button hole.
Youjust passit through the button hole and over thebuttontogripthe thread.
Eight bridesmaid's dresses were bought from the website for a total cost of less than pounds 100 and the button hole flowers cost just pounds 1 each.
ALL right, Britney Spears in that droopy white cardi with her jeans straining the button hole to the max was not the most flattering pic of her ever taken but she looks a damn site more normal - and wholesome - than when she's out on the lash with Paris-ite Hilton.
Patrick came to Ireland, or where he came from, but come he did, and that's a good enough reason for wearing a sprig of shamrock in the button hole.
Currently, he is treasurer of the Barrington Citizens Scholarship Foundation and the Golf Foundation of Rhode Island at Button Hole, in addition to serving as a financial advisor to the Billy Andrade/Brad Faxon Charities for Children.
The Button Hole Shall Be Made With 8/9 Stitches Per Cm By Hand Or By Machine Using The Same Thread As Hole May Be Eye-Let End Type Or Bar Type And May Be Either Bar Tacked Or Taper Finished.
The wedding: The happy couple wore black and Joanna had a bouquet of red roses and Andrew had a single red rose as a button hole.
WEDDING PACKAGE: An extra pounds 995, including the ceremony, paperwork, bouquet, groomOs button hole, decorating the ornamental gazebo, cake and champagne toast.