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1. A small slit in a garment or piece of fabric for fastening a button.
2. Chiefly British A boutonniere.
tr.v. but·ton·holed, but·ton·hol·ing, but·ton·holes
1. To make a buttonhole in.
2. To sew with a buttonhole stitch.
3. To accost and detain (a person) in conversation: "He was also frequently buttonholed by White House lobbyists" (Terence Moran).

[V., sense 3, probably alteration of button-hold.]

but′ton·hol′er n.


1. (Clothing & Fashion) a slit in a garment, etc, through which a button is passed to fasten two surfaces together
2. (Clothing & Fashion) a flower or small bunch of flowers worn pinned to the lapel or in the buttonhole, esp at weddings, formal dances, etc. US name: boutonniere
vb (tr)
3. to detain (a person) in conversation. Also called: buttonhold
4. (Clothing & Fashion) to make buttonholes in
5. (Knitting & Sewing) to sew with buttonhole stitch


(ˈbʌt nˌhoʊl)

n., v. -holed, -hol•ing. n.
1. the hole, slit, or loop through which a button is passed and by which it is secured.
2. to sew with a buttonhole stitch.
3. to make buttonholes in.
4. to accost and detain (someone) in conversation.
but′ton•hol`er, n.


Past participle: buttonholed
Gerund: buttonholing

I buttonhole
you buttonhole
he/she/it buttonholes
we buttonhole
you buttonhole
they buttonhole
I buttonholed
you buttonholed
he/she/it buttonholed
we buttonholed
you buttonholed
they buttonholed
Present Continuous
I am buttonholing
you are buttonholing
he/she/it is buttonholing
we are buttonholing
you are buttonholing
they are buttonholing
Present Perfect
I have buttonholed
you have buttonholed
he/she/it has buttonholed
we have buttonholed
you have buttonholed
they have buttonholed
Past Continuous
I was buttonholing
you were buttonholing
he/she/it was buttonholing
we were buttonholing
you were buttonholing
they were buttonholing
Past Perfect
I had buttonholed
you had buttonholed
he/she/it had buttonholed
we had buttonholed
you had buttonholed
they had buttonholed
I will buttonhole
you will buttonhole
he/she/it will buttonhole
we will buttonhole
you will buttonhole
they will buttonhole
Future Perfect
I will have buttonholed
you will have buttonholed
he/she/it will have buttonholed
we will have buttonholed
you will have buttonholed
they will have buttonholed
Future Continuous
I will be buttonholing
you will be buttonholing
he/she/it will be buttonholing
we will be buttonholing
you will be buttonholing
they will be buttonholing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been buttonholing
you have been buttonholing
he/she/it has been buttonholing
we have been buttonholing
you have been buttonholing
they have been buttonholing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been buttonholing
you will have been buttonholing
he/she/it will have been buttonholing
we will have been buttonholing
you will have been buttonholing
they will have been buttonholing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been buttonholing
you had been buttonholing
he/she/it had been buttonholing
we had been buttonholing
you had been buttonholing
they had been buttonholing
I would buttonhole
you would buttonhole
he/she/it would buttonhole
we would buttonhole
you would buttonhole
they would buttonhole
Past Conditional
I would have buttonholed
you would have buttonholed
he/she/it would have buttonholed
we would have buttonholed
you would have buttonholed
they would have buttonholed
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.buttonhole - a hole through which buttons are pushed
garment - an article of clothing; "garments of the finest silk"
hole - an opening deliberately made in or through something
Verb1.buttonhole - detain in conversation by or as if by holding on to the outer garments of; as for political or economic favors
solicit, beg, tap - make a solicitation or entreaty for something; request urgently or persistently; "Henry IV solicited the Pope for a divorce"; "My neighbor keeps soliciting money for different charities"


verb detain, catch, grab, intercept, accost, waylay, take aside It is not easy to buttonhole her for an interview.
عُروهيَمْسِكُ بِ، يوقِفُ للتَّحَدُّثِ إلى
knoflíková dírkazastavit a zdržovat řečí
hage sig fast iknaphul
hnappagatnegla, tefja meî masi
gombíková dierka
düğme deliğiiliklâfa tutmaktıraşa tutmak


A. N
1. [of garment] → ojal m
2. (Brit) (= flower) flor que se lleva en el ojal
B. VT (fig) → enganchar
I was buttonholed by BrianBrian me enganchó y no me dejaba irme


nboutonnière f
vt [+ person] → accrocherbutton lift ntéléski m à perchebutton mushroom n(petit) champignon m de Paris


1. nasola, occhiello
to wear a buttonhole → portare un fiore all'occhiello
2. vt (person) → attaccar bottone a or con


(ˈbatn) noun
1. a knob or disc used as a fastening. I lost a button off my coat.
2. a small knob pressed to operate something. This button turns the radio on.
(often with up) to fasten by means of buttons.
ˈbuttonhole noun
the hole or slit into which a button is put.
to catch someone's attention and hold him in conversation. He buttonholed me and began telling me the story of his life.
References in classic literature ?
She was so young--not quite sixteen--and small for her age, a mere child; and she had just been married--and married to Jurgis,* (*Pronounced Yoorghis) of all men, to Jurgis Rudkus, he with the white flower in the buttonhole of his new black suit, he with the mighty shoulders and the giant hands.
His tall figure was buttoned up in a tight-waisted fashion that rather accentuated his potential bulk, and he wore a red flower in his buttonhole.
The red flower stood up in his buttonhole aggressively, as if it had suddenly grown there.
This seemed as natural to Newland Archer as all the other conventions on which his life was moulded: such as the duty of using two silver- backed brushes with his monogram in blue enamel to part his hair, and of never appearing in society without a flower (preferably a gardenia) in his buttonhole.
He had a handsome face, an artfully poised hat, a glass in one eye, and a nosegay in his buttonhole.
I have brought a rose for the prodigal's buttonhole.
A flower in his buttonhole, a dazzling silk hat, and patent leather shoes complete the effect.
George at his buttonhole and a plain forage cap set straight on his head.
He pointed to his boots which were white with dust, while a dejected flower drooping in his buttonhole, like an exhausted animal over a gate, added to the effect of length and untidiness.
A carefully thought-out buttonhole is much more effective.
Her boots cheeped all the way down the church aisle; it was common report that she had flesh every day for her dinner; instead of meeting her lover at the pump she walked him into the country, and he returned with wild roses in his buttonhole, his hand up to hide them, and on his face the troubled look of those who know that if they take this lady they must give up drinking from the saucer for evermore.
But before they left the garden the Tin Woodman, who was fond of flowers, chanced to espy a big red rose growing upon a bush; so he plucked the flower and fastened it securely in the tin buttonhole of his tin bosom.