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1. A small hook for fastening a button on shoes or gloves.
2. Football A pass pattern in which the receiver runs straight downfield and then turns abruptly back toward the line of scrimmage to catch the ball.


(Tools) a thin tapering hooked instrument formerly used for pulling buttons through the buttonholes of gloves, shoes, etc


(ˈbʌt nˌhʊk)

a small, usu. metal hook for pulling buttons through buttonholes, as on gloves.


A small diameter metal rod a few inches long with a handle on one end and a hook on the other end. The main use of the buttonhook was to help in fastening shoe buttons. The rod with the hook on the end could be stuck through a buttonhole, hooked around the appropriate button, and used to pull the button through the hole.
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Noun1.buttonhook - a hook for pulling a button through a buttonhole
hook - a curved or bent implement for suspending or pulling something


[ˈbʌtnhʊk] Nabotonador m
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A hundred times in my boyhood days had I picked locks with a buttonhook.
As he stood there, gazing into the middle distance, an individual of dishevelled aspect sidled up, a vagrant of almost the maximum seediness, from whose midriff there protruded a trayful of a strange welter of collar-studs, shoe-laces, rubber rings, buttonhooks, and dying roosters.
The Yorkshire trainer saddles Aramist who faces 11 rivals in the PS20,000 Buttonhook Handicap.
In the 1920s, this novel device might contain a couple of blades; a hook-shaped implement for cutting the bottle's seal; buttonhook and corkscrew.
45) in the feature Buttonhook Handicap, but unfortunately we've only got six rivals.
While it was not my intent to fly the buttonhook (a tactical maneuver), I rolled into a sharper than necessary turn.
His wife suffered from severe arthritis, and manipulating a buttonhook to fasten her boots was an exercise in agony.
In 1914 at the age of four months he burned his face with quicklime and three months later caught a buttonhook on his tongue.
Kieren Fallon's first ride back in Scotland after his 18-month ban so nearly produced a winner, but he had to settle for second best after a power-packed ride by Seb Sanders resulted in Braveheart Move edging out top-weight Merchant Of Dubai by a neck in the Totesuper7 Buttonhook Handicap.
While he falls well short of that calibre, the totesuper7 Buttonhook Handicap should be within his compass.
I did a little buttonhook with the Atlanta Gift Show one March to watch the Mets in spring training, I'm a die-hard Mets fan, and there's nothing more refreshing than watching spring-training baseball.
It differs from all North American Sassacus and Metaphidippus in the buttonhook shaped embolus of the male (Figs.