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1. A structure, usually brick or stone, built against a wall for support or reinforcement.
2. Something resembling a buttress, as:
a. The flared base of certain tree trunks.
b. A horny growth on the heel of a horse's hoof.
3. Something that serves to support, prop, or reinforce: "The law is by its very nature a buttress of the status quo" (J. William Fulbright).
tr.v. but·tressed, but·tress·ing, but·tress·es
1. To support or reinforce with a buttress.
2. To sustain, prop, or bolster: "The author buttresses her analysis with lengthy dissections of several of Moore's poems" (Warren Woessner).

[Middle English buteras, from Old French bouterez, from bouter, to strike against, of Germanic origin; see bhau- in Indo-European roots.]
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Adj.1.buttressed - held up by braces or buttresses
supported - held up or having the weight borne especially from below; "supported joints in a railroad track have ties directly under the rail ends"