butyl mercaptan

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bu´tyl mer`cap´tan

n.1.(Chem.) A volatile liquid, C4H9.SH, having a strong odor like that of a skunk; also called butanethiol. All three isomers, normal, sec-, and tert-butanethiol possess the skunk odor.
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To be fair to the lads, their speciality is a cocktail of 80% tertiary butyl mercaptan and 20% dimethyl sulphide.
The two scent glands are located on opposite sides of the anus with each having a short tube that extends out slightly on each side of the anus when the yellowish colored butyl mercaptan containing liquid is sprayed.
When the odor threshold values of all samples are determined, they are plotted against the known amounts of odorant, which have been converted to the odor-impact-equivalent of normal butyl mercaptan.