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v. bought (bôt), buy·ing, buys
1. To acquire in exchange for money or its equivalent; purchase. See Note at boughten.
2. To be capable of purchasing: "Certainly there are lots of things in life that money won't buy" (Ogden Nash).
3. To acquire by sacrifice, exchange, or trade: wanted to buy love with gifts.
4. To bribe: tried to buy a judge.
5. Informal To accept the truth or feasibility of: The officer didn't buy my lame excuse for speeding.
To purchase something; act as a purchaser.
1. Something bought or for sale; a purchase.
2. An act of purchasing: a drug buy.
3. Something that is underpriced; a bargain.
Phrasal Verbs:
buy down
To pay an upfront fee to reduce (an interest rate) over part or all of the term of a loan.
buy into
1. To acquire a stake or interest in: bought into a risky real estate venture.
2. Informal To believe in, especially wholeheartedly or uncritically: couldn't buy into that brand of conservatism.
buy off
To bribe (an official, for example) in order to secure improper cooperation or gain exemption from a regulation or legal consequence.
buy out
To purchase the entire stock, business rights, or interests of.
buy up
To purchase all that is available of.
buy it Slang
To be killed.
buy the farm Slang
To die, especially suddenly or violently.
buy time
To increase the time available for a specific purpose: "A moderate recovery thus buys time for Congress and the Administration to whittle the deficit" (G. David Wallace).

[Middle English bien, beyen, from Old English bycgan, byg-; akin to Gothic bugjan, from Germanic *bugjanan, of unknown origin.]

buy′a·ble adj.


available to be bought
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Capable of being bribed:
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Electable politicians have become buyable commodities and the public representatives are available in the 'Political Mandi' for open auction regulated by the mafia.
And I also hope that the churches aren't becoming buyable, looking for support for their projects from leading politicians and political parties in power.
Tmall, part of the Alibaba Group that has 580 million active users -- 80 percent of them under 30 years old -- is heavily invested in see-now, buy-now fashion and streamed the shows live to their customer base, with many of the clothes instantly buyable.
The buyable ones are being bought at the cheapest rates.
Millennials and Generation Z are a crucial marketing demographic for the indies," noted Naira Aslanian, project manager for the report Beauty's Most Buyable Brands: Analysis of Booming Independent Brands in the United States.
Recently, IT Cosmetics and Too Faced became billiondollar acquisitions--and now a new crop of indie brands, including Kylie Cosmetics and Huda Beauty, are gaining momentum by recording triple-digit and quadruple-digit growth rates, respectively, according to a new report by global market research and management consulting firm Kline, titled "Beauty's Most Buyable Brands: Analysis of Booming Independent Brands in the United States.
The best end of cattle that had been well farmed over the summer sold well on the day with demand from across the country however secondary types are, due to the poor summer weather, in plentiful supply and look buyable at the ringside.
As we've just seen, if Neymar's buyable then everyone's buyable.
But, as we're about to see, if Neymar's buyable then everyone's buyable.
com)-- Spicy Lingerie has announced that it has launched an interactive page on its website that connects directly to Instagram posts that feature buyable products.
Perhaps the biggest challenge for publishers will be reimagining the customer's entire journey from the minute he or she shows up on a website to read about the latest IKEA chairs or fashion line from Gap, then clicks on a buyable item and eventually completes the purchase process (maybe even deciding to return the item).
If that isn't enough to convince people to go back to playing, Niantic is also rumored to offer discounts from its buyable items in the game's  shop next month.