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v. bought (bôt), buy·ing, buys
1. To acquire in exchange for money or its equivalent; purchase. See Note at boughten.
2. To be capable of purchasing: "Certainly there are lots of things in life that money won't buy" (Ogden Nash).
3. To acquire by sacrifice, exchange, or trade: wanted to buy love with gifts.
4. To bribe: tried to buy a judge.
5. Informal To accept the truth or feasibility of: The officer didn't buy my lame excuse for speeding.
To purchase something; act as a purchaser.
1. Something bought or for sale; a purchase.
2. An act of purchasing: a drug buy.
3. Something that is underpriced; a bargain.
Phrasal Verbs:
buy down
To pay an upfront fee to reduce (an interest rate) over part or all of the term of a loan.
buy into
1. To acquire a stake or interest in: bought into a risky real estate venture.
2. Informal To believe in, especially wholeheartedly or uncritically: couldn't buy into that brand of conservatism.
buy off
To bribe (an official, for example) in order to secure improper cooperation or gain exemption from a regulation or legal consequence.
buy out
To purchase the entire stock, business rights, or interests of.
buy up
To purchase all that is available of.
buy it Slang
To be killed.
buy the farm Slang
To die, especially suddenly or violently.
buy time
To increase the time available for a specific purpose: "A moderate recovery thus buys time for Congress and the Administration to whittle the deficit" (G. David Wallace).

[Middle English bien, beyen, from Old English bycgan, byg-; akin to Gothic bugjan, from Germanic *bugjanan, of unknown origin.]

buy′a·ble adj.


available to be bought
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Director Peter Chelsom, the inventively quirky British filmmaker (``Hear My Song,'' ``Funny Bones'') whose last American film was the trouble-plagued, unconvincing ``Town & Country,'' was equally determined to make ``Serendipity'' as buyable as possible.
5s just about buyable for pounds 15k, but the still hugely-popular.
But it seems likely that no one close to bin Laden who knows his movements day-today will be buyable.
Allied Wallet strives to make each transaction as simple as possible; so with this partnership, Klarna and Allied Wallet make the world buyable together.
Low mileage 03-platers are easily buyable for less than thirty grand.
The only thought-provoking market is corners supremacy, buyable at 5.
York is buyable as a good-hearted statesman thrust upon a throne for which he's not ideally suited, but he's nobody's best choice for a non-thinker.
Fuel prices are putting pressure on big metal, with 04-plate 70k alloy XJs buyable for pounds 6,500, 52-plate Merc S320 CDis with 80k down to just five grand, 03-plate BMW 735s for pounds 7k and 03-plate A8 Quattros at pounds 7,100.
5, and Allen, buyable at two, would guarantee a return of at least ten points.
Another concern was just how to make such a preposterous premise buyable.
They show actors' faces in their different roles and they are still buyable since not everything is pounds 1,000 and you can find a delightful example at the fairs for around pounds 55.
com has introduced more product categories at a faster rate than any of Amazon's web sites, and their buyable selection has increased 32 times in less than three years.