(ˈbaɪˌɔf, -ˌɒf)

a payment or bribe.
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choose one:) payout, bailout, or buyoff to the (choose one:) employees,
The museum location might have been a buyoff to secessionists complaining the Valley didn't have its own slice of the cultural pie, but it was real.
The buyoff standards and the tooling standards are the same.
The HBCU designation was given, in a way, as a buyoff so that there wasn't a great protest with the Tuition Assistance Grant, which pays students to go anywhere except UDC.
Or is this another cover-up, a million-dollar buyoff and betrayal of victims and the truth?
Openness was defined as the extent of your view without obstacles (Buhyoff et al, 1982: Vining et al, 1984; Nasar, 1984; Vining et al, 1984), penetration as the extent of your view past intervening obstacles (Ruddell et al, 1989), depth as the extent of distance of view (Hull and Buyoff, 1983; Pearce and Waters, 1983), and preference as personal liking for the scene.
Meanwhile, once all the oil addicts are temporarily mollified with a $100 buyoff, the GOP can start pushing the need to dig up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for more oil.
The Mexico City management group plans to conduct the final visual inspection, design buyoff, and final testing during the first week of July at the Las Vegas design and testing facility.
Landowners can often buyoff the USFWS by giving away a chunk of their property for use as a permanently protected habitat.
This combination provides a simple and stable starting point for the development of any ZigBee embedded networking application, and the fastest route to proof of concept demos to get management buyoff on the project.
Through Intercim Velocity, customers can: -- Interact with "Active Work Instructions(TM)" where a single user portal receives detailed electronic work instructions and sends progress information to any associated applications -- Electronically deliver, modify, and track processes, resource requirements, build books and test procedures -- Perform electronic at-the-workplace labor collection and generate approval or buyoff signatures -- Report real-time work status and capture key quality data anywhere from out-of-spec trends to process capability.