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1. brevet.
2. brevetted.
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To have representatives from two of the largest agricultural crop solution companies in the world, Syngenta and Bayer Crop Science, providing invaluable experience in biological and pest control will allow BVT to fast track their product rollout and industry acceptance.
Bournville Village Trust reacted by issuing a statement on its website saying the approved licence was actually outside the BVT estate boundary.
BVT is a developer and producer of suprachoroidal positioned retinal prostheses for restoring vision to the blind and slowing the progression of retinal degeneration.
Touring the career fair and speaking with potential co-op employers, Matt said he believes taking on the challenge of the co-op program can pay big dividends for BVT students.
I am pursuing the matter both with BVT and the City Council.
With such demand for apprenticeship opportunities, there is a real need for business like BVT to continue to offer scope and opportunity.
In spite of this negative data, one can still find BVT being advocated for use in MS, but as with HBO, its popularity appears to have waned.
BVT, or apitherapy, uses the stings of live bees in a bid to relieve symptoms of MS such as pain, loss of coordination and muscle weakness.
With operations in Glasgow, Portsmouth and Filton near Bristol, BVT employs more than 7,000 people and generates turnover of pounds 1bn a year.
The Khareef-class corvettes represent the latest in a long line of vessels that the VT Group, and subsequently BVT Surface Fleet, has developed for the sultanate over the past four decades.
Gulf Logistics and Naval Support (GLNS), will be the first company of its kind in the Arabian Gulf and will offer a range of naval support services across the full spectrum of integrated logistics support and training, said a statement from BVT Surface Fleet.
BVT and ADSB Form Abu Dhabi Naval Support Joint Venture