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Eight horses -- Jucy Pickins, Quick Sand PW, Golly Bret, By Golly Its Hot, Sand DE Wind, La Jest A Flash, PJ Miss Zuby and Ordination -- will be starting off in this Listed race, trying to win a slice of the $20,000 (Dh73,462) prize money on offer.
And everyone is talking about how these things will be accomplished, by golly.
AT pounds 43 this is not a cheap option for anyone looking to boost their skincare regime but by golly it works.
ALABAMA (CyHAN)- Scientists using NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter found a fresh meteor-impact crater, and by golly it's big.
Me neither but, like all prices that make you say "by golly that was a blinking good price with hindsight", by golly the pre-season 40-1 for David Moyes's team to be relegated looks a blinking good price with hindsight.
Saying he felt like a spring colt, by golly, former President Bush marked his 75th birthday Wednesday by jumping from a plane 13,000 feet over his presidential library in College Station, Texas.
Well, if the taxpayer's point of view hasn't been aired, by golly, it will be now.
HBO'S LATEST provocation, ``Deadwood,'' posits itself as a new kind of Western, but really it's just a grungier variation on the genre's classic trope: There's a corrupt town run by ruthless bullies, and there's an honest man, and, by golly (this is the last time in this review you'll hear such geekily clean-cut rhetoric), something's going to give.
And, by golly, Los Angeles stockholders buy more stocks and bonds.
Following the release of the Emancipation album (which included the R&B chart singles "Betcha By Golly Wow
I related how that pastor told his congregation that if speaking the truth means going to jail, 'then by golly, that's where I'm going to be and I'm going to save you a seat next to me.
Here's the scoop--Yolanda Joe, the author of He Say, She Say and Bebe's By Golly Wow has donned a new pen name, Ardella Garland, to tackle a new genre--mystery.