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also by-pass (bī′păs′)
1. A highway or section of a highway that passes around an obstructed or congested area.
2. A pipe or channel used to conduct gas or liquid around another pipe or a fixture.
3. A means of circumvention.
4. Electricity See shunt.
5. Medicine
a. An alternative passage created surgically to divert the flow of blood or other bodily fluid or circumvent an obstructed or diseased organ.
b. A surgical procedure to create such a channel: a coronary artery bypass; a gastric bypass.
tr.v. by·passed, by·pass·ing, by·pass·es also by-passed or by-pass·ing or by-pass·es
1. To avoid (an obstacle) by using an alternative channel, passage, or route.
2. To be heedless of; ignore: bypassed standard office procedures.
3. To channel (piped liquid, for example) through a bypass.
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By-pass delay is disgusting I WISH to express my disgust at the decision to delay the start of the Bontnewydd to Caernarfon by-pass.
The Committee also recommended that Jandola-Zoab road, Quetta-Kuchlak to Zoab Road, Shahdad Kot by-pass, Karachi Northern by-pass and the projects of other less developed areas might also be included in PSDP of NHA for the period 2018-19.
Construction of By-Pass Road in Passi City along Iloilo-Capiz Road (new route).
Delaying of completion on Peshawar Northern By-Pass shall not be acceptable.
Present study was conducted to evaluate the effect of by-pass fat supplementation on milk production, composition and weight gain in Sahiwal cows.
According to police, the most wanted terrorist named Dilawar alias Mufti who had 1million head money was arrested from Kohat By-pass road.
Borisov said this on Tuesday at the official opening ceremony of the by-pass around the town of Montana.
Officers attached to the Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau stopped a car on the Tallaght by-pass in Dublin on Friday where they discovered around [euro]770,000 worth of the narcotic.
The major projects expected to be carried out in Northern Mindanao involve the road upgrades, construction of by-pass roads and new thoroughfares to connect gaps between roads, fly-overs, and bridges, among others.
e new railway is planned to pass underneath the A46 Kenilworth by-pass (but, as a by-pass, it does not go in or out of Kenilworth).
A NEW by-pass is needed for Nuneaton to help improve air quality, says a borough councillor.
SIX people were taken to hospital following a four-vehicle pile up on a busy by-pass.