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also by-line (bī′līn′)
A line at the head of a newspaper or magazine article carrying the writer's name.
tr.v. by·lined, by·lin·ing, by·lines also by-lined or by-lin·ing or by-lines
To publish (a newspaper or magazine article) under a byline.

by′lin′er n.


or by′-line`,

n., v. -lined, -lin•ing. n.
1. a printed line in a newspaper or magazine, usu. below the title or subhead of a story, giving the author's name.
2. to accompany with a byline.
by′lin`er, n.
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922: In the byline, "Alison" should be spelled "Allison.
On January 19, editors at the Dallas Morning News distributed a memo outlining a new policy in which only staff-written articles receive a byline while wire stories get the generic credit line, "From Wire Reports.
Nicky Ward bagged his 10th goal of the season on 57 minutes when heading home Toner's cross at the far post from the right byline.
Phil Sutin's byline may be the most recognizable one in the St.
24 in another paper--The Scotsman on Sunday--with the byline of Nicholas Christian, no pay for Parker and paragraph after paragraph lifted directly from her story (www.
His first major byline came with The Continuity of Feudal Power (Cambridge, 1992), an expose on the fortunes of the Caracciolo di Brienza family, a leading Neapolitan clan whose members put impeccable taste and decorum ahead of love and lucre.
Remember how long it took for you to come up with your byline in English and you will have a perspective on the time it can take to agree on an accurate translation in another language.
She graduated to the prestigious Miami Herald, becoming the first teenager to receive a byline for her environmental writing, and is now a regular contributor.
SEATTLE -- Hark, the world's largest platform for pop culture sound bites, and San Francisco-based Sports Byline USA, a multi-platform broadcast sports talk network available worldwide, today announced a partnership to bring more than 17,000 hours of interviews and show clips to the Hark platform.
Byline: BYLINE SPACER: delete this box and pull in correct byline from Contentwatch library "bylines" BY ALUN PALMER alun.
com)-- TV4U, the 48-channel IPTV network, will televise the major in studio guests who appear on The Nick Bonsanto Show, which debuts on Monday, August 6 on the Sports Byline Radio Network.
BULLETIN BOARD: UPSN) , a premier provider of free mobile search and streaming mobile audio entertainment, today announced that it is teaming up with Sports Byline USA to provide live sports talk radio feeds and Wrestling Observer Live podcasts via mobile phones.