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also by-line (bī′līn′)
A line at the head of a newspaper or magazine article carrying the writer's name.
tr.v. by·lined, by·lin·ing, by·lines also by-lined or by-lin·ing or by-lines
To publish (a newspaper or magazine article) under a byline.

by′lin′er n.


or by′-line`,

n., v. -lined, -lin•ing. n.
1. a printed line in a newspaper or magazine, usu. below the title or subhead of a story, giving the author's name.
2. to accompany with a byline.
by′lin`er, n.
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Byline Bancorp is the parent company of Byline Bank.
Chicago, US-based bank holding company Byline Bancorp, Inc.
Upon completion of the transaction, the company will operate under the Byline Bank name and brand.
Ridgestone Bank today has made an announcement on its settlement of a deal to facilitate its acquisition by Byline Bank of Chicago.
0-1, Lens, 17mins: Caught Koscielny in possession, won the ball and his shot from just inside the box to the right of goal beat Cech at his near post 1-1, Campbell, 25mins: Walcott reached the byline on the left and cut the ball back for Campbell, who had drifted away from van Aanholt, and he found the bottom right-hand corner 2-1, Ramsey, 72mins: Bellerin executed a one-two with Campbell which took Graham out of the game, got to the byline on the right and cut the ball back for Ramsey at the near post to finish 3-1, Giroud, 75mins: Bellerin played a perfectly-weighted pass from inside the area on the right to find Giroud, who left Yedlin trailing, and he had a simple tap-in
In the article "A Heart Gripping Case: Carcinoid Heart Disease" published on pages 93-96 of the January-March 2015 issue of the AMEDD Journal, the byline entry "Capt John P.
Byline: BYLINE SPACER: delete this box By STEPHEN WHITE
He's got good pace, gets to the byline and delivers good quality crosses.
com)-- The Nick Bonsanto Show, hosted by national sportscaster Nick Bonsanto on the Sports Byline Radio Network, has added KDWN AM 720 in Las Vegas to the 60 station network.
A study by Zvi Reich, of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) Israel, has documented the process through which journalists at major newspapers fought to receive byline recognition of their work, paving the way for today's celebrity journalists.
922: In the byline, "Alison" should be spelled "Allison.
When byline strikes occur, editors often try to play them down.