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also by-line (bī′līn′)
A line at the head of a newspaper or magazine article carrying the writer's name.
tr.v. by·lined, by·lin·ing, by·lines also by-lined or by-lin·ing or by-lines
To publish (a newspaper or magazine article) under a byline.

by′lin′er n.


or by′-line`,

n., v. -lined, -lin•ing. n.
1. a printed line in a newspaper or magazine, usu. below the title or subhead of a story, giving the author's name.
2. to accompany with a byline.
by′lin`er, n.
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So when more than 90 percent of AP reporters withheld bylines during two strikes in January, publications were no doubt left wondering what--if anything--on the wire was original reporting, Winton says.
The bylines have disappeared from Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports on events following the May 11 shootout in Prairie Grove between a police officer and a 12-year-old boy.
Members must be accredited by the Motion Picture Association of America and submit the requisite number of recent paid, published stories with bylines - a minimum of four - in order to earn and maintain membership.
EntreWorld will provide its original Entrepreneur's Bylines to Venture Vortex on an ongoing basis.
Scott Engler, a former anchor for CNN Headline News and Seattle's KCPQ-TV, replaces Bill Tucker (see Bylines, October), who quit the show after two months.
journalists at Reuters today began withholding bylines from their stories for two weeks, and many photographers will withhold credits, to express frustration over management's sweeping contract demands that have held up an agreement and left employees without pay raises for nearly three years.
The stories were unearthed by Peter Constantine, a poet, multilingual translator and Chekhov expert, while poring over yellowed volumes of late 19th-century Russian literary journals, where he recognized the bylines as Chekhov pen names.
Mohseni has also authored executive bylines for companies such as Playboy TV, Jones Intercable and Playboy.
What started as a joke at Toledo's Blade ends in a reporter's suspension, cries of censorship and the withholding of bylines by staffers and management alike.
In a break from tradition, the 103,000-circulation daily is publishing the bylines of those who normally don't get everyday credit or complaints--the stow editor and headline writer--along with the reporter's byline.
and pull in correct byline from Contentwatch library "bylines" A GRAVE disrupts work on a huge building site after a family refused to have it moved.
He took me around and let me have bylines and I never forgot it.