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Cabbage palm and gray plum, pisang and scitamine they found in abundance, with wild pineapple, and occasionally small mammals, birds, eggs, reptiles, and insects.
Here the woods were ornamented by the Cabbage Palm -- one of the most beautiful of its family.
Sable palms, commonly called cabbage palms, grew in the northwest section, which often is referred to as the palms.
He'll be featuring pines, heathers and birches from the moorland, through wild flowers, down to seaside plants including echiums and cabbage palms.
The property contained 114 existing trees, primarily cabbage palms, and the county required ArtisTree to keep all of them.
On an Island Safari Land Rover our group of six drove at a leisurely pace past rippling sugar cane fields, smelly breadfruit trees, 100ft cabbage palms, mahogany trees and rum shops with names like Dr-T's Bar and Grill.
Approximately 275 Cabbage Palms are being relocated with the potential of some being used in the Jekyll Island Historic District in a historic landscape restoration project.
At Illawarra, von Guerard was able to capture, in minute detail, the character of local flora: cabbage palms, ferns, fig trees, and multiple varieties of vines within the dark green tones of the dense Australian forest.