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One who drives a taxicab for hire.


a taxi driver


(ˈkæbˌdraɪ vər)

a driver of a cab.
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Noun1.cabdriver - someone who drives a taxi for a livingcabdriver - someone who drives a taxi for a living
driver - the operator of a motor vehicle
References in classic literature ?
There were two or three pictures of the forest at Fontainebleau and several of streets in Paris: my first feeling was that they might have been painted by a drunken cabdriver.
He stretched out his hand to the little wad of notes which Duson had left upon the table, but the cabdriver backed away.
Lastly, supposing one man wished to dog another through London, what better means could he adopt than to turn cabdriver.
During his layover, police say he committed a minimum of 11 felony crimes and uncounted misdemeanors, including shooting up a restaurant and setting it on fire, busting into a law firm's office where he relieved himself on an attorney's desk, sticking up a cabdriver and stealing his cab, sneaking through a number of hotel rooms looking for easily transported loot, robbing four guys in a bar, carjacking and more.
Specifically, police had identified him as the driver of a New York City me-dallion-certified yellow cab, as opposed to being a cabdriver from North Jersey, where the attempted sexual assault took place.
For a more traditional Colombian experience, we head to El Suave, a dark, hidden two-story salsa club that even our cabdriver has a hard time finding,.
au quoted the cabdriver, who asked to be identified only as Dean, as saying.
A Denton County jury made up of eight men and four women deliberated only 13 minutes before finding Noah Whitehead guilty of robbing, murdering and then burning Hooshang Vatanpour, an Iranian-born cabdriver who was 56-years-old at the time.
Eddie Miles is a cabdriver working the night shift in the city of Chicago.
Then in rapid order the men show up - first Tess' "sensitive" but dim hedge-fund manager husband, Bryan (David Arquette); then the cabdriver Frank (Josh Stamberg), who's upset because Tess didn't listen to his hard-luck story; and finally Margot's gay publisher Theo (Julian Sands).
The cabdriver rolls down the window, inviting the scent of sizzling pork and fruity perfumes.