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Cabinetwork: finely detailed cabinetry.


(Furniture) cabinets collectively


(ˈkæb ə nɪtˌwɜrk)

fine furniture or other woodwork.
[1725–35, Amer.]
cab′i•net•work`er, n.
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Noun1.cabinetry - the craft of making furniture (especially furniture of high quality)
carpentry, woodworking, woodwork - the craft of a carpenter: making things out of wood
article of furniture, furniture, piece of furniture - furnishings that make a room or other area ready for occupancy; "they had too much furniture for the small apartment"; "there was only one piece of furniture in the room"
seat - put a seat on a chair
reseat - provide with a new seat; "reseat the old broken chair"
bottom - provide with a bottom or a seat; "bottom the chairs"
upholster - provide furniture with padding, springs, webbing, and covers
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In a back-page tie-in, Thomasville Cabinetry sales brochures showcase Thomasville Furniture's products that complement each of the cabinet collections.
All within a few square feet, you have the cabinetry, appliances, counters, plumbing and electrical wiring, with countless combinations of possible errors and delays.
Elkay's move to create this new role signifies a drive to position the company to better leverage the strengths of the plumbing, cabinetry and solid surfaces divisions to deliver single source sales and marketing solutions.
In this role, Larry will be responsible for setting strategy and overseeing sales and product marketing, as well as the overall management of the company's traditional and builder cabinet products and services which include industry-leading brands such as Medallion Cabinetry, MasterCraft Cabinetry, Design-Craft Cabinets and Yorktowne Cabinetry, to name a few.
com), based in Hopewell, NJ, is offering a new customizable and more affordable line of SieMatic cabinetry for its clients.
Residence features include black granite flooring, teak cabinetry, whirpool, laundry, individual-controlled heating and air-conditioning, dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows, nine foot ceilings, private balconies, pre-wired for high-speed telecommunications and the Internet, and multiple phone lines.
Throughout the '90s, sales have steadily increased for other-room cabinetry as marketing has improved to contractors, specifiers and interior designers.
More and more often, animal control officers and other animal advocates are finding potbellied pigs abandoned or neglected by owners as they grow into 150-pound-plus porkers with destructive habits, like ruining yards and eating cabinetry.
As the fourth largest cabinetry manufacturer in the nation, the Elkay Cabinet Division manufactures wood cabinetry products primarily for residential use in 10 facilities throughout the United States.
Merillat Cabinetry to return to KBIS with a renewed brand and product offering.
com)-- Fantastic Kitchens By George of Sarasota has added a new cabinetry line, Designers Choice Cabinetry, to its custom kitchen and bathroom design and installation portfolio.
MINNEAPOLIS -- Medallion Cabinetry announced today that it is expanding painted finishes to its Silverline product line effective immediately.