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A telecast by cable television.

ca′ble·cast′ v.
ca′ble·cast′er n.


(Telecommunications) the transmission of a TV programme via a cable system
vb (tr)
(Telecommunications) to transmit (a TV programme) via a cable system


(ˈkeɪ bəlˌkæst, -ˌkɑst)

n., v. -cast or cast•ed, cast•ing. n.
1. a television broadcast via cable television.
v.t., v.i.
2. to broadcast via cable television.
[1965–70; cable + (broad) cast]


B. VTemitir por cable
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Mad Men studio Lionsgate will soon take over US cablecaster Starz in a US$4.
Some shield laws protect only journalists who work full-time for a newspaper, news magazine, broadcaster or cablecaster.
Another cablecaster expressing interest is the Discovery Network, which also runs The Learning Channel.
Nevertheless, while not a direct relationship, if the broadcaster or cablecaster is trying to sell the consumers' eyeballs, there is a power relationship.
The sixteen units include: automotive (Jobber News, Body shop); communications (Broadcaster, Cablecaster, newmedia.
After the sequel airs -- expanded locales include Baja bars and Nevada cathouses -- the cablecaster will run original and sequel back-to-back, just in time for the current '70s revival.
Regional sports had suddenly lost their appeal for a nationwide cablecaster.
The MediaXtreme is the perfect solution for any retailer with a point-of-purchase display, corporate TV producer, cablecaster, public access TV operator, educational broadcaster or government video producer looking for a simple way to produce professional-looking images that combine text, graphics and video images.
Television production in 4K resolution is now all the rage among production companies, even if broadcasters and cablecasters tend to ignore it.
The company has agreements with broadcasters and cablecasters in Jordan, Bahrain, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, and Lebanon.
But DVD distribs and cablecasters should take a look.
Do cablecasters have the same public interest obligation even though they don't use the airwaves?