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a. A strong, large-diameter, heavy steel or fiber rope.
b. Something that resembles such steel or fiber rope.
a. Electricity A bound or sheathed group of mutually insulated conductors.
b. A sheathed bundle of optical fibers.
3. Nautical
a. A heavy rope or chain for mooring or anchoring a ship.
b. A cable length.
a. Cable television.
b. A similar service providing internet access.
5. A cablegram.
Of or relating to a subscription television or internet service that uses cables to carry signals between local distribution antennas and the subscriber's location.
v. ca·bled, ca·bling, ca·bles
a. To send a cablegram to.
b. To transmit (a message) by telegraph.
2. To supply or fasten with a cable or cables.
To send a cablegram.

[Middle English, from Old North French, from Late Latin capulum, lasso, from Latin capere, to seize; see kap- in Indo-European roots.]

ca′bler n.


a cable broadcasting company
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A HARTLEPOOL subsea cabler has won a major contract to supply the UK's Galloper wind farm.
It has from then introduced Robert Rodriguez s El Rey Network cabler and the wrestling league Lucha Underground.
The Walking Dead'' creator Frank Darabont and his agent CAA have filed suit against AMC Networks, claiming that they are owed tens of millions of dollars for the runaway hit, one that the cabler claims is running a deficit.
It enables a live overview of process information, production results and quality control data at all levels from the cabler and twister to the weaving looms.
Australians Jason McCartney, Peter Hughes and Stuart Anstee and American Steven William Cabler told an Indonesian court how explosives carried in a backpack and a van destroyed two packed nightclubs.
A NORTH East company will become the only sub-sea cabler in the UK to manufacture high voltage wind farm cables after it was handed a pounds 2m Government grant.
We have a lot of interest, but nobody wants to bring out the checkbook until the permits are in place," said Cabler.
For Sony, the must-have series at the Screenings was Glenn Close-starring Damages, which successfully premiered on cabler FX over the summer.
They can be cablers, cable broadcasters; "Kids cabler [Nickelodeon] averaged 1.
The Fauldhouse midfielder works as a cabler for British Telecom and spends a good deal of his time down manholes and underground.
24) His article in the Manchester Guardian had been a long one and the cabler had not done him justice.