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A form of furniture leg that curves outward and then narrows downward into an ornamental foot, characteristic of Queen Anne and Chippendale furniture.

[French, caper (from its resemblance to the foreleg of a capering animal); see cabriolet.]


1. (Furniture) Also called: cabriole leg a type of furniture leg, popular in the first half of the 18th century, in which an upper convex curve descends tapering to a concave curve
2. (Ballet) ballet a leap in the air with one leg outstretched and the other beating against it
[C18: from French, from cabrioler to caper; from its being based on the leg of a capering animal; see cabriolet]


(ˈkæb riˌoʊl)

a leap by a ballet dancer in which one leg is raised in the air and the other is brought up to beat against it.
[1800–10; < French: leap, caper, alter. of capriole; see capriole]


n (of table etc)geschwungenes or geschweiftes Bein
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The balloon back, cabriole legs, molded serpentine apron that frames the seat and finger-molded frame are representative of Rococo Revival.
Nearly 170,000 new coupAaAaAeA@s, roadsters and cabriole from Mercedes-Benz went onto the roads in 2017.
As the newest member of Mercedes-Benz[yen]AaAaAeAcs new E-Class family, the four-seat cabriole with its classic fabric soft top, combines puristic, sensuous design with long-distance comfort and the latest technology.
Produced since 2001, the clever cabriole modules allow the opening and closing of the convertible top while driving with only a touch of a button, as well as the operation of the roof via the original vehicle key from a distance.
A esta imagen poco favorable se contrapone la que proporcionaba el propio Cadalso en otra de sus obras, los Anales de cinco dias, tambien reproducida por Alvarez de Miranda (313), donde aparece como muestra de elegancia francesa, sin duda presuntuosa, una mencion a la circasiana, el traje que lleva uno de los petimetres cuya indumentaria describe el autor gaditano con ironia: "El uno vestia una casaca o sobretodo, sortu o cabriole, de color obscuro, forro amarillo y guarnicion de plata.
Elizabeth y los demas presentes se agolparon frente a la ventana y desde alli vieron a lo lejos un cabriole que daba bandazos y cabeceaba por el camino del bosque, en direccion a la casa, las dos farolas centelleantes como pequenas llamaradas .
Featuring French cabriole legs, hand carved mahogany frame, and finished in antiquated gilt.
This is an incredibly quick and informative study: In an hour or so you can go from having no idea what a cabriole is to being conversant in the styles of everything from sofas to lamps to cabinet knobs and nails.
With gorgeous cabriole legs and deep buttoned detailing, the chair radiates glamour and is great for adding a subtle touch of colour without being bland.
Da porta da casa, mestre Amaro ve a decadencia do senhor de engenho, que passa pela estrada, abana o chapeu e apresenta um cabriole cada vez mais deteriorado.
Ramme Colleen E, to Vrcp Loma Linda LLC; $273,000; 974 Cabriole Crt.
Inspired by the bedchamber of Louis XV's mistress in the flamboyant palace of Versailles near Paris, it features elegant curves, cabriole legs, delicatelycarved ornamental roses, and a lovely paint finish in eau de Nil (a traditional shade inspired by the colour of the Nile).