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A form of furniture leg that curves outward and then narrows downward into an ornamental foot, characteristic of Queen Anne and Chippendale furniture.

[French, caper (from its resemblance to the foreleg of a capering animal); see cabriolet.]


1. (Furniture) Also called: cabriole leg a type of furniture leg, popular in the first half of the 18th century, in which an upper convex curve descends tapering to a concave curve
2. (Ballet) ballet a leap in the air with one leg outstretched and the other beating against it
[C18: from French, from cabrioler to caper; from its being based on the leg of a capering animal; see cabriolet]


(ˈkæb riˌoʊl)

a leap by a ballet dancer in which one leg is raised in the air and the other is brought up to beat against it.
[1800–10; < French: leap, caper, alter. of capriole; see capriole]


n (of table etc)geschwungenes or geschweiftes Bein
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Ramme Colleen E, to Vrcp Loma Linda LLC; $273,000; 974 Cabriole Crt.
Inspired by the bedchamber of Louis XV's mistress in the flamboyant palace of Versailles near Paris, it features elegant curves, cabriole legs, delicatelycarved ornamental roses, and a lovely paint finish in eau de Nil (a traditional shade inspired by the colour of the Nile).
Rental and installation of a modular space to receive the manger La Cabriole (during the renovation) and VRD work.
Dating from the 1st century BC-1st century AD, this is an ambitious piece: inlaid with silver and niello, with fierce wolf masks springing from acanthus scroll cabriole legs and clawed paw feet.
Intended as a lady's writing desk, it had gilt metal mounts, a fitted interior and stood on cabriole legs.
One "bottle stand or wine cooler (by some called a bottle canterbury, but this is a recent term) is clearly made in one of the finest London workshops in the mid 18th century" as indicated by its high-definition carving and its cabriole legs with "leather and brass castors and volute scroll toes.
Ben Hobbs will be on hand teaching traditional woodworking methods and how to make cabriole legs.
A mahogany desk with inset leather top having two drawers to frieze and two drawers either side, standing on cabriole supports with acanthus decoration and massive hairy paw feet, also sold for PS5,200.
When he launches into a double cabriole efface, his legs resemble snipping scissors while his hips remain quiet and his port de bras retains perfect classical form.
The bedframe, made from ash and oak, has got slender cabriole legs.
The elaborate carvings, cabriole legs and swan-neck posts reflect his love of art and luxury.
At the end of the performance, the 41-year-old first soloist, who joined the ballet company in 1995 and has won recognition for his cabriole and expressiveness, sat on the stage Japanese style and bowed deeply toward the near-capacity audience of almost 1,000.