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A form of furniture leg that curves outward and then narrows downward into an ornamental foot, characteristic of Queen Anne and Chippendale furniture.

[French, caper (from its resemblance to the foreleg of a capering animal); see cabriolet.]


1. (Furniture) Also called: cabriole leg a type of furniture leg, popular in the first half of the 18th century, in which an upper convex curve descends tapering to a concave curve
2. (Ballet) ballet a leap in the air with one leg outstretched and the other beating against it
[C18: from French, from cabrioler to caper; from its being based on the leg of a capering animal; see cabriolet]


(ˈkæb riˌoʊl)

a leap by a ballet dancer in which one leg is raised in the air and the other is brought up to beat against it.
[1800–10; < French: leap, caper, alter. of capriole; see capriole]


n (of table etc)geschwungenes or geschweiftes Bein
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La piece, une comedie musicale, melant habilement le spectacle vivant, le chant et la danse, traite d'un sujet serieux mais reste completement decale, ses reflets n'etant que des cabrioles d'un voyage musical et imaginaire dans l'histoire.
The one exception is double cabrioles, a beating step male students want to conquer quickly.
Pour un petit supplement, ils produisent deux ours noirs assez joueurs avec lesquels ils se livrent a quelques cabrioles (je n'ose appeler ca une danse).
Oppression, class struggle, the brave slave rising against louche masters--it was grande batterie, with its grands jetes and shoulder-high cabrioles, that addressed, attacked, such subjects.
In Paul Taylor's Aureole, Heather McGinley seamlessly combines celestial beauty with well-knit strength, counterpointing plunging attitude penchees, weighty cabrioles, and slicing grand jet,s with a refined upper body and serene smile.
That's why mine has a lot of fouettes, and sometimes jumps and cabrioles.
In Giselle she left an indelible impression, with her astonishing lightness and elevation, huge leaps and back-traveling cabrioles.
As six men circle the stage with huge cabrioles, their flight resounds with hopeful power.
His double cabrioles open and close languorously as if he's floating in the air.
The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude (1996), adorned by the Kirov's bright smiles, airy cabrioles, and dizzying speed, felt like a letter written once in a classical form but then revised with a fierce, almost biting sensibility and relentless momentum.
Bujones had truly remarkable elevation and beautifully finished beats, which made possible a high and perfect series of entrechats six or a succession of double cabrioles that effortlessly cleaved the air, soaring across the stage with eagle authority.
They like to turn their turns and beat their cabrioles with no difference whether it's Albrecht or Basilio," he said.